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Heard it From the Grapevime 

I have always wondered about how the agricultural business is doing knowing that the work is hard and there is a prejudice against those who are in charge of harvesting crops. 221 more words


Farm News

Things have been kind of slow around here, which means there isn’t much to write about, but here goes…
*The sale didn’t go that great.  197 more words


Demanding Certified Organic: Why a certification loophole has Ontario importing instead of investing in its local agriculture

The market for organic food is growing in Ontario, but why are fewer farmers becoming certified organic?

For Claire Poulton, who runs the small scale Little Field Farms in Aylmer, Ont., the investment in certification is not worth it. 928 more words



Whether you are new to it or have been doing it for years.There is always something new to learn. My family homestead isn’t much. It’s not on a large plot of land nestled in the middle of nowhere. 623 more words


Farming Crisis

Although we say, “We learn history to not repeat the past”, we always somehow end up reversing that statement. In Natalie Kitroeff and Geoffrey Mohan’s article, … 281 more words


Deporting People...Deporting Jobs?

Many people have different opinions on whether the immigrants in the United States should be deported or allowed to stay here. There is not a right answer because there are pros and cons to both decisions. 315 more words