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Redefining the Science of Better | News | Singapore Management University (SMU)

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How much raw material should you purchase given the uncertainty in demand and procurement cost? SMU Associate Professor Onur Boyabatli can distil your business environment into an analytical model that can answer these questions. 1,177 more words

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Intergenerational Knowledge, Ethics & Butchering

It boggles the mind how far removed we are from the realities of how that $6 1.5kg packet of bacon went from being a pig to mounted on toast and eggs on our plates. 292 more words

Why Are the Tomato Leaves Yellow?

In the vegetable garden, some of lower leaves on the tomato plants have turned yellow. Why?

To answer that question, I researched and observed.

Research indicates the possible causes, in roughly descending order of frequency: 511 more words

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The Thrifty Preacher

Reverend Vertue Sharp was a Methodist minister and farmer who lived his life by the words of Jesus in Matthew 25 in which we are taught that whatever we do for the “least of these” we do for him.   91 more words