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Sherman Kishi

“After they gave us the redress, it just really relieved all of us who had been in the camp. Because camp was sort of a feeling of shame, that you had to be in a place like that. 4,685 more words

Let the flower blossom naturally...

Why do you feel frustration?

Have you ever look deeply to find an answer?

Its always happen when we set higher expectation and we fail to achieve. 124 more words



​सब रोये, सब चीख लिए,

भाषण रैली भी कर आये।

पर मैं तो अब भी मरा पड़ा हूँ,

मेरा तो उपचार करो।

सबने छाती पीट पीटकर,

Snaps, no. 6: Nurse Farmer.

Cora Farmer at Eastern North Carolina Sanatorium, circa 1950.

“Me and Cora Farmer worked over at the Sanatorium together. She was the cause of me going over there to get the job. 252 more words

City Of Wilson

Maiz Man

Love to the farmer working sun to sun,

we are nothing without them, one more time Love.

By Eva Mirror 2017

(Digital paintings made with love)


A Chinese Farmer Who Quit School In 3rd Grade Spent 16 years Teaching Himself Law To Sue A Chemical Company For Polluting His Village

​Wang Enlin
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If you believe you can, anything is possible 👊💯

REPOST from a friend of mine on Instagram… 268 more words