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The Sound of Summer

I found a tiny speckled fawn curled next to my compost pile last week. It just lay there, moving only enough to track my movement down the path as I headed into the woods. 317 more words

Linda Kobert

The death of a eggplant

My garden continues to grow go some things are going better than others. These here are the Kuro Tomatoes I started from seed which are doing better than the ones I bought from the store that were bigger. 494 more words

Covert Operations

Hopefully…my original idea for the title of this short entry was going to be something like “Using astrology to improve your situation and thwart your enemies”  but only time will tell if they’ve  been thwarted – plus, while the squirrels are annoying, I’m not sure they rise to enemy level!  584 more words


New Moon Musings

Tonight is the start of yet another New Moon.  As humans, we are drawn to ritual and symbols; the moon certainly has done its share to inspire both since the dawn of humanity. 143 more words


Grow Your Own Vegetables Trend Gets Boost From Millennials, Expert Says

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — As the weather begins to warm many of us may be thumbing through seed catalogs planning the spring vegetable garden.

Sarah Perreault is a senior editor at the Farmer’s Almanac. 137 more words


The First Sow!

So after doing TONS of research I finally decided to homestead as much as I possibly could on my 1/5 acre home. My reasons are similar to most homesteaders: sustainable, healthy food source, more fiscal savings, and enjoyment of a simpler lifestyle. 184 more words


Welcome, Crocus!

  I am thrilled to announce that there are finally blooms in the garden!  After weeks of cold temperatures and heavy rain, we are blessed with two days of sunshine…in a row!  229 more words