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good day to plant

According to Farmersalmanac.com, yesterday and today are good planting days, so I filled this little raised bed with seeds today. Looking forward to more planting days. 20 more words


Is winter going out like a lion?

It took a long time for me to understand about seasons going out or coming in like a “lamb” and “lion.” Is it for real? 375 more words


Has Spring Sprung Yet?

If Yoda lived around my geographics he might mutter: “Strange I think this weather is.”

Plastic tulips to fool the moose that ate last year’s batch. 421 more words


Farmer's Almanac: {Spring Forecast}

Spring is only two weeks away. On paper at least. But for those of us graced with living in the mountains, we have a different reality. 377 more words

Sunshine, Coffee, Sans Snow

It’s still February and we have NO SNOW!!!! In fact some of the local weather report sing stations reported all-time record highs yesterday!

Some may worry about a drought setting in, but I’m banking on the old timers belief in that if you get fog moisture will follow in 30, 60 or 90 days. 144 more words



About a month ago I was reading through the Farmer’s Almanac and saw a small article – a blurb almost – about writing in a journal everyday even if it wasn’t much, perhaps even just to track the weather or something like that. 210 more words

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