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In 2012 President Obama referred to ISIS as a JV (Junior Varsity) team. He later tried to retract this by saying that he was referring to various Al Qaeda factions. 776 more words

Exploring Bayou D'Arbonne by Kayak: Circumnavigation of Beaver and Duck Islands

Kimmie and I unloaded our Kayak on the slipway across from Lester’s On The Lake Canoe Rentals and eased ourselves into the blue waters of Bayou D’Arbonne. 1,246 more words


This will appear in the Farmerville Gazette, Farmerville, Louisiana, USA the week of 9/14/2015

“You reap what you sow”. This is a saying that we have heard since childhood and has been Anglicized and modified to the current saying. 752 more words


This week it was announced about the execution of a Syrian archeologist, historian and curator of one of the most spectacular archeological sites in the Middle East. 715 more words

History of Bernice & Farmerville, Louisiana

Written by Edna Liggin


In the 1790s when Union Parish grew wild and was roamed by Indians (there is found today an Indian burial mound on the old Scott Hamilton place), John Honeycutt, trader and trapper, did business with the Indians from the present site of Camden, Arkansas, to Biloxi, Mississippi, and assisted the Spanish government in many ways.  978 more words


Hill Outlines Specifics For Folley Beach - Farmerville, LA

What a great article that was in the Farmerville Gazette that talks about the planned redevelopment of Folley Beach to be family friendly and include a combination boardwalk and bulkhead along over 1,000 feet of shoreline and restaurants. 457 more words

Membership Meeting in March

  Barbara Houser presented “Chalk Painting” at the Union Arts Council’s March Open Membership meeting.

 Attendees enjoyed the “Chalk Painting” presentation by UAC’s board member, Barbara Houser. 50 more words