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GM crops could be planted in the UK next year



The European Union Environment Council have voted yes on a proposal that could see GM crops planted in UK fields next year.


The UK Government strongly favours GM technology, but the devolved administrations in Scotland and Wales are opposed.  1,329 more words

Backyard Farming on an Acre (More or Less) By Angela England - A Review

Some of you may remember that last summer I planted cherry tomatoes in a large container in my new backyard (you will remember because I am constantly bragging about and taking pictures of said tomatoes). 1,420 more words

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Farming Tips and Advice

Welcome to The Farm Store Blog where we will bring you regular Tips and Advice about general and some very specific  issues including disease control and breaking topics. 38 more words

Farming In Ireland

FarmeramaAID: Six Reasons Your Farm May Not Be As Good As You Had Hoped/Wanted It To Be

If, like so many farmers, you feel frustrated that your farm isn’t all that you wanted it to be, never fear.

We have been analysing much of the feedback we have received over the past few months and have compiled a list of the… 1,607 more words


Soilless . . . soil?

It hadn’t occurred to me that one might, as a matter of course, grow plants without soil. That is, I knew there are some nonstandard strategies like… 343 more words

Farming Tips

Starting a New Semester

New things are happening all the time around the missions farm. Last semester we plowed our field and planted cover crops. This semester we’re starting a blog! 96 more words

A watched pot nevers boils

A week ago today, the mission farm class learned about using animals to improve the land you have and the food you eat.  Our instructor, Dr. 211 more words

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