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Get Dirty

I’m going to be dirty today.

As a kid, Mama often met me on the back stoop as I came in from playing outside. With a broom in her hand she’d have me slowly turn in a circle while she brushed dirt from my blue jeans. 418 more words

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Too tired to write anything of my own, but this post by Storyshucker encapsulates how I feel about hanging out in the woods and in the garden.

Home is Where the Heart Is!!

This whole week we have been running back and forth to another farm because we were asked to do tests on the grapes. It has been a real organisational week trying to fit in the tight schedule on our farm with driving out at designated times and days.   530 more words


Confessions of a Former Hitman

My Dad grew up on a farm. My Mom did not. This causes some…friction. For example, when asked the question, “Are you going to get a pet?” They respond: 915 more words


Farmers better-off out of EU: Allen

  • Allen says the CAP was designed to prop up inefficient French farmers and not British farmers.
  • She says because the CAP is paid in Euros and the currency has gone down, UK farmers are getting paid less.
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Wendell Berry and Agrarianism

Wendell Berry is an author more young Americans should be familiar with. As the fracturing of society and personalities continues as a result of continuing urbanization and individualization, I hope more of my generation turns to the agrarian vision espoused by those such as Wendell Berry.


Reflections On Culture, Society, And Politics

New on 500px : Whitman County Growers by jwpetr48

It’s Spring time in the Palouse Hills. Farmers are plowing and seeding their crops.

Thank you for your interest. I appreciate any and all comments or suggestions. 7 more words

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