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The Man Who Saved a Billion Lives.

In the 19th Century, a lot of Norwegians migrated to places like Minnesota, Iowa, and the Dakotas to make a living as farmers. Tough, hard-working, close-mouthed, decent people. 575 more words

The Economy

Farming Poring Tower - 3/1/15

Poring Tower Master Bonus Runs Stamina Stones None 14 700 0 2x 18 900 3 Poring Marin Poporing Bonus # Drop / Run Stam Per… 137 more words
Puzzle & Dragons

The Great Organic Get-Together

Here in Minnesota we refer to the State Fair as “The Great Minnesota Get-Together.” With its final day on Labor Day, it has been, and will be for years to come, the way so many Minnesota families mark the end of summer.  614 more words

Happy National Pig Day!

Me: Apparently, today is National Pig Day.

Amelia: Oh? Are we getting a pig? Like, wouldn’t it be cool if they just give away free pigs to celebrate and everyone gets one? 54 more words

Schlachtfest: The Slaughter

Spoiler alert: this is about slaughtering and butchering. Obviously, there’s gonna be some graphic pics. If you’re veggie/vegan, I’d probably stop reading now. Jus’ saying. 1,241 more words


Retrospective twenty-four (February 2014)

Given the way in which blogs are presented, I am convinced that posts which reside more than a scroll or two behind the most recent are doomed to languish and to be forgotten. 195 more words


Chilota Food Distribution

On February 25th, 2015, thanks to the generous support raised during my Dollar a Day Diet this past summer, in addition to the considerable funds raised by Rohit Gupta, Samuel Magombo and I were able to distribute maize to eighty households in the village of Chilota, Lilongwe. 311 more words