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In your heart you plan your life.

But the Lord decides where your steps will take you.


The Moment has Arrived.

We have been sitting on news and waiting for it to hatch like new parents. We learned several weeks ago that our 5 long years as oilfield expatriates in Abu Dhabi would come to an end. 423 more words


Bonzo's stressful few days

This is Bonzo. He’s our farm dog, security guard, alarm clock, waste disposal system, and all round entertainer of visitors (albeit some, not all). As a cross between an Anatolian Kangal and a German Shepherd, he’s a fairly tough old brute, who lives outside and only in the peak of summer or torrential rain will he bother napping in his dog house. 776 more words


What is soil chemistry and what does that mean to me?

Ah, the “litmus test.” Do you remember that from your high school science days? You dip a piece of white litmus paper into a solution, and it turns red or blue1. 714 more words

Soil Basics

Getting the measure of your bench

Benchmarking is one of the most important things you can do. As James Burke said:

You have to know where you have been to know where you are going… 80 more words


Arugula--Nothing to Laugh About

There are no fun facts about arugula. Period.

I’ve scoured the internet, intending to illuminate and entertain, but after having read everybody else’s idea of ‘fun,’ I have come to the conclusion that these folks need to get out more often. 687 more words



Ever since we came to the Maltese islands nearly two months ago I have been looking for signs of agricultural activity, and in particular have I wondered if there were people practicing permaculture, or growing vegetables organically. 556 more words

Organic Gardening