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On the Brink of Starvation

By: Dayo Fasasi

Nigeria may face imminent famine, unless farming input is increased.

Audu Ogbeh, Nigeria’s Minister of Agriculture, disclosed on Thursday that Nigerians would starve to death by 2050, if measures are not taken. 258 more words

Zero To Hero

Organic Produce is for the rich-A big myth

Isn’t that the statement that we say to everybody who is not in favour of organic farming? Many more like “It cannot produce enough for the entire country”,”It is time consuming”,”Farmers don’t really reap any benefit”, et cetera are constantly thrown around. 279 more words


Water Survey Dungeon - Farming

After farming Master on 1.5x drop for a short while a few days ago, I got annoyed enough at a string of bad luck and decided I’d stone some runs and start recording the results to either make me feel better about my overall luck or alternatively give me an excuse to get really salty about skill-up farming. 285 more words

Puzzle And Dragons

Laurel, MT - 2/1/2016: G.D. Eastlick Grain Elevator Comes Down After 103 Years

I was awestruck to see this towering building come down after it had stood for so many years!  Growing up in Laure, we passed by this building many, many times, always taking for granted that it would always be there, but that night, the fates have proved us wrong.  145 more words

Editorial Commentary

Jurassic Chickens

Chickens may be small, frankly they may be a bit dim, but there is something about a chicken. We started out with five, then added another three, then a cockerel, then a dead hen, then a dead cockerel, then a new cockerel, then oh my goodness, an incubator and 11 chicks which are now 11 chickens of as yet undetermined gender. 499 more words


Sampler Box of our Pork

Edited at 6 PM….this was a huge hit! Selling really well. Thank you! We are temporarily out of spare ribs and will need to substitute 2 pkg of pork cutlets for the spare ribs.  205 more words