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Woolly words

Drought is no laughing matter but a North Canterbury has found an opportunity for humour while feeding out:

. . .Parnassus sheep farmer Mike Bowler has been hit hard by the drought, which has crippled farming operations throughout North Canterbury. 130 more words


Arkansas Delta Farm Land Country

You go down to the Southeastern part of Arkansas and you run into farm and mosquito country.  They raise corn and a lot of rice in this area.   101 more words



April / May is sowing time for those growing crops in the Wimmera and farmers look to the western skies and hope for “The Break”. The break is the start of the winter rains and a good break brings good feelings to those planting grains. 309 more words


Farm and Travel

Farm and travel. Farm or travel. Can there be only one? As I understand it, yes. There can only be one. Committing my life to farming will mean sacrificing travel. 533 more words

Snow good but . . .

Ski fields didn’t have as much snow as they’d like last year and it wasn’t just the ski season that was affected.

Less snow on the mountains meant less snow melt to feed rivers and underground aquifers. 286 more words


Life on the Farm

Life on the farm. Have a peaceful Memorial Day. #homesteading

New Hampshire

Farming 101: Chickens

Today I decided to take the time the time to write about things I’ve learned on the farm. As I began, I started to realize that this was going to be a really long post, so I decided to break it down a bit. 482 more words