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"PlantPure Nation"

Some disturbing facts from the documentary “PlantPure Nation:

  • Large, mono-crop agribusinesses use fuel-intensive equipment and high amount of pesticides and herbicides; trillions of dollars in subsidies are provided to these companies every year in the U.S.
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Outlook India: Digital archive of documents of Tamil agrarian history set up

Outlook India: Digital archive of documents of Tamil agrarian history set up. “The documents recorded on paper, palm leaves and copper plates are a treasure as they provide a rare and unique opportunity to have a peep into various aspects of social history of village life in remote parts of the Tamil region at a time when a new power structure and social identities were being forged both with and against local traditional and feudal systems and British colonial legislations, it said.” This is for the region of Tamil Nadu, in India.

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Peanut Farmers Rely on Both Irrigated Water Supply and Natural Courses

Peanuts farmers rely on irrigated water supply and natural courses. Peanuts are water efficient compared to other nuts. And the majority of peanuts produced in the Africa, United States, Asia rely somewhat on rainwater. 364 more words


Three Sisters Farm

Three Sisters Community Farm is a young organic farm run by Kelly Kiefer and Jeff Schreiber. They recently started their farm in 2011 using Kelly’s family land where she grew up and additional land nearby. 400 more words


Baby Goats Just Born 1 hour Ago - A Tutorial On What To Do

You know, we always say faith goes well with farming.  We are one of those couples, who prays alot and farms alot.  Today was one of those days.  1,539 more words