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The Story of a Paint named Snickers.

So a few years ago… 2 to be exact… I bought my first horse. Yeah, I know what you’re thinking. “Oh great, another 30 something-house wife getting a dream she can’t handle” well, you’d be correct! 316 more words


Meet Lil' Puff!

Lil’ Puff (a nickname, given until we know a little bit more about this little one – like it’s gender!) is the newest member of our family here at U.F.O., hatched on July 19th, sometime in the early evening. 216 more words

It's Still Raining.

Now don’t get me wrong we are farmers and we love the rain, coming from 10 months of severe drought it’s been wonderful, we don’t have to hand feed everyday and the farm looks beautiful. 89 more words

Farm Sanctuary

Follow the leader...

I couldn’t resist capturing this picture of the cows walking home last week after a long day in the rain.

Girl About Berwick x 


Every time I ride or work with a horse I try to listen. Like all relationships it’s one you must start with good communication and trust. 625 more words


Golden Mint and Cucumber Summer Gazpacho

Our cucumbers are growing out of control!  This is an excellent way to use cucumbers, tomatoes and other veggies in you garden for a fresh easy dinner. 232 more words


Hot Days

Pixie often comes up the hill soaked except for her head so since it was so hot today when I saw her head down the hill for the pond I grabbed my camera hoping to capture her shenanigans. 158 more words