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Pork jowl

I like buying a pork jowl now and again and curing it with some salt, a touch of sugar, and thyme. In the fridge like that for a week or so then tied up and left for maybe a month. 21 more words


Building McIlquham Ranch


Erica here. For those of you who know Ben and I, you’ll know that our life is a bit complicated right now. He is working for a healthcare procurement company (and loving it) in Kingston and I am still working for an energy company (and loving it) in Toronto. 490 more words


Orcas for Us.

A sizeable amount of time was spent planning the families recent weekender away. We were gifted with a doe bay resort certificate from the carpenters parents for our wedding last august. 645 more words

Simple Living

Basic Rules for Saving Orphaned Baby Goats

With spring now officially upon us,¬†we’re heading into kidding season on the homestead — and by that I mean, this is the time of year that some of our female goats will soon be giving birth to baby goat kids. 1,759 more words


In Anticipation of Spring...

This week has been a bit overcast and with some rain, cold at night but warming up to sweatshirt weather by mid-morning.

The birds are starting to appear… 45 more words


Hummers Nummers

The farm has been a bustle with life with the new season. Plucky noticed that most early spring blooming flowers, trees, and shrubs tend to be yellow. 293 more words

Simple Living

Spring on the Farm

The plucky gardener has been in whimsy with child frolicking in the acreage on the farm. Snowbells have come and gone. Cherry trees in bloom, yellow jasmine has burst open as if they themselves are the morning Sun’s welcome. 225 more words

Simple Living