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Why Run...?

Today I notched up another easy 20K on the road from the farm to the junction for Sotkamo. Surrounded by trees, rolling hills and a vast expanse of blue sky it is easy to see why Finland is something of a runner’s paradise, save for the cold north wind reminding me that though I may be done with Winter, she is not yet done with me. 259 more words


Breakfast Patty Melt of Champions

Breakfast. It’s widely renowned as “the most important meal of the day”, and now it can be the most scrumdiddlyumptious too; even if you decide to have it for dinner, as I often do. 798 more words



Hello, everyone! I really hope you are having as great weather as we are having right now. The days are surely growing lighter and longer, which wakes me up even before the alarm goes off, but I know I will catch up on those missed hours at some point. 869 more words


Break? Not so fast!

So for the last few days I have been taking it easy (perhaps a little too easy) with my running. Just the odd 10 K here or there. 237 more words


Channeling Your Inner Chicken

‘Did you grow up this way?’

I laughed, loudly, and then immediately apologized for appearing rude. But the truth is, anyone who knows me from childhood, college or, heck, four years ago would never picture me living on or anywhere near a farm. 757 more words

Farm Living


Hello friends! I’m new to the blogging world but have been wanting a place to write down all my thoughts, dreams and hopes from motherhood to life’s craziness to our farmhouse plans. 85 more words



This year has been my season of flowers.  Each and every spring I get the gardening bug like everyone else.  I want to buy those cute little 6 packs of petunias or other ornamental foliage.  402 more words