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I believe, all in all, people are generally garlic.

Cooking is a unique form of alchemy. A lot of things go into stew you would not want to eat a handful of. I used to say I learned to cook out of necessity. 449 more words

Yogurt Bread Calzones

This recipe was inspired by a traditional Georgian  bread called “Cheese Bread” I came across the recipe for “Cheese Bread” in my favorite cook book… 307 more words


Simple Cheese Making: Ricotta from our Farm

Feel like doing a science experiment? This is such a fun thing to do and with kids or a partner even better! Such a simple cheese to learn.   239 more words


Head Over Heels

9:15 am


I wish y’all coulda just seen that!

Stevie Wonder (our Leghorn roo) took off runnin’ chasing an unwilling hen this morning. I mean full-speed ahead! 63 more words


The Escalating Escalera Protest

A bit ago I told y’all about the Escalera Protest. If you missed it, you can check it out here cuz otherwise this post is gonna make about as much sense to you as a pig in a henhouse. 807 more words


Nesting Box Nuances

7:33 pm

I went out t’night to take care of the evening chores. As I was feedin’ the clamoring brood, I glanced over and found these two vying for room in the same durned square foot of territory. 559 more words