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A Year Gone By

A little over I year ago I jumped into this blogging thing with gusto, cranking out 10 or so blogs in a couple of months. It seemed to get some reads, some interest, mainly from my friends. 1,148 more words


And one road leads to another.

8249 km. 19 states. 3 months and 17 days on the road.

And now it all seems so surreal. As if last weeks events are only a dream. 480 more words

10 Minutes

The Girls Who Rule the Roost

When we bought our farm it came with a very old and small chicken coop. It was adorable with a french door, aged cedar siding and a shingle roof. 296 more words


Rhubarb Crisp

Things have really gotten busy around the homestead lately. It’s to be expected since it’s planting season. Nearly everything is in the ground now. All that’s left is the “vine-y stuff” — that is, the watermelons, cantaloupes, honeydews, and canary melons. 109 more words


I was looking through my photography albums from last year around this time. I came across this guy.

That was a good day.


Israel and Water, Post 3: A Dry Subject Indeed

Today’s Post: How Israel survived multiple water crises and became a world-leader in managing, even making more, life-sustaining aqua.

“I remember myself as a boy of 15 or 16,” says Ami Brochin, a farmer in Israel’s northern Negev desert. 1,178 more words