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The Farmville Blueway

The Farmville Blueway, a wondrous water trail.

Farmville teenager killed in Myrtle Beach crash

FARMVILLE, Va. — A community is in mourning after the loss of Prince Edward High School graduate Stephen Agnew Jr. The 19-year-old man was killed Monday morning in a motorcycle crash… 23 more words


Gain friends through FarmVille

The game FarmVille is a simulation social network game developed by the company Zynga in 2009. The game involves various aspects of fame management such planting crops, growing and harvesting. 282 more words

Close to Longwood University Campus

The Longwood University Bed & Breakfast is owned by Longwood University and is only a short walk to campus and the shops of historic Main Street. 23 more words

Zynga(ZNGA)...I love this stock !

They just laid off a bunch of people.  They are getting lean and soon mean.    Just popped through $3…Soon it will touch $ 5   Lets go ZYNGA ! 


Wait ... "Farmville" is a real place?!

Link below to “22 Virginia Small Towns that You’re Going to Love,” by Casey Higgins at Virginia’s Travel Blog.

I’ve never been to Farmville, Virginia, but it can’t nearly be as annoying as its online namesake. 30 more words

When someone just doesn't get a social norm...

Traveling home from Sydney on the 8pm quiet carriage is bliss. After a long day in the busy city, a relaxing trip in peace and quite is just what’s needed… 716 more words