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What type of facebook user are you?

Anything new is quite exciting at first and one tends to become bored after a period of time. This could well apply to a new dress, a new gadget or even a new social networking site too! 316 more words

Building Farms and Crushing Candy: The Infrastructure Behind Social Games

The infrastructure components most critical for Zynga and King are social networks, mobile devices and internet access. In order for Zynga and King to be successful companies they both had to come up with a way to attract customers to play their games. 296 more words


Farmville, CastleVille, Etc.: The Infrastructure Behind Social Games

  1. The infrastructure components that are most important for Zynga are responsiveness, reliability, and scalability. One of the most important things for all games is response time because lags can easily ruin a gamer’s experience.
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Blanton-Hanbury Room

The Blanton-Hanbury Room is named after the couple who originally owned the massive bedroom set. Mr. Blanton, who was from the Farmville area, traveled to the 1900 Centennial Fair in Philadelphia where he purchased this set for his bride-to-be, Miss Hanbury. 85 more words

Fallout Shelter: No End Game

Fallout Shelter had a lot of hype as a game to keep you happy till Fallout 4 is published. In reality, it’s just Fallout Farmville. The game is a resource collection game. 1,385 more words

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Farmville On Facebook Tips, Tricks, And More

I am a new(ish) FarmVille fan. I recently started wondering which plants would yield the best return… and how to earn more experience points (xp points). 26 more words

Farmville Inspiration

Way back in 2009, soon after another blogger on violinist.com invited me to join Facebook, and I joined, I used to play Farmville. Since I no longer do so, I feel like I can admit it now, like I’m in recovery.  600 more words