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What Will It Take To Turn Zynga Around?

On a day when Zynga shares are once again tanking and investors are grumbling once more about the glacial pace of its turnaround, it can be difficult to remember… 508 more words


What I Know....

Month one of twelve is done this year.  It’s time to touch base and reflect on whether I am staying true to my goals  that I established at the beginning of the year. 198 more words


My High Rep, Low Weight Experience

I love to lift weights! So I decided to try a different approach to my workout a few months ago.  I transitioned from low rep, high weight to high rep, low weight sets.   151 more words


Cold Weather, Warm Hearts

Time is passing by so quickly that sometimes I feel like I am being overcome by a tidal wave, desperate to hold on to the family I love so much, as they were then, as they are now. 480 more words

Eastern North Carolina

Sights to Behold

Virginia’s Appalachian Mountains are sights to behold in any season of the year. The Allegheny and Blue Ridge Mountains beckon visitors to explore their streams and trails, and appreciate their wild inhabitants. 13 more words

I Love You "Sugar", But You Got To Go!

Hey VBF Friends,

Here is my update based on my last week’s goals.  What I learned from focusing on eliminating added sugars from my diet is that it has to go.   178 more words


Duck-Rabbit Barleywine

Duck-Rabbit with a nice hat

Duck-Rabbit Brewery – Farmville, North Carolina
ABV: 11.0%
Seasonal: Late January

Beer Advocate: 86
Rate Beer: 93