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You're a Wonder, Lynda Carter!

January 1978

Secret Society of Super-Villains #12

It’s the hottest stars of the late ’70s: Lynda Carter, Farrah Fawcett-Majors, Starsky & Hutch, and Rocky!

I find it odd that for Starsky & Hutch and Rocky they use the character names, while Lynda Carter is just herself rather than Wonder Woman. 35 more words


Cult Movie Essentials: Saturn 3 (1980)

Produced and directed by Stanley Donen (although this was initially John Barry who got replaced after falling out with Kirk Douglas), Saturn 3  starred Farrah Fawcett, Kirk Douglas, and Harvey Keitel and took place in a distant future where an overcrowded Earth relies on research conducted by scientists in remote stations across the solar system. 443 more words


Extremities (1986)

By Richard Winters

My Rating: 5 out of 10

4-Word Review: She traps her attacker.

Marjorie (Farrah Fawcett) decides to grab a snack late one night at a convenience store. 651 more words


Wella Girl, The

Nickname of actress Farah Fawcett-Majors when she appeared as the spokeswoman for a series of TV and print advertisements for the Wella Corporation of Englewood, New Jersey, the makers of Wella Balsam Conditioner. 99 more words


The Importance of Saturday Night

While recently rummaging through some old files, I came across the ad for various posters that you see below from 1978, that is 39 years ago. 356 more words

Life Is Weird

Stephen Boyd and Farrah Fawcett in "The Interview"/ "Of Men and Women", 1973

Stephen Boyd acted with two of the biggest female stars of the 1970’s who also happened to be cast members, at one time or another, of the TV hit series “Charlie’s Angels”; Cheryl Ladd in “The Treasure of Jamaica Reef’, and Farrah Fawcett in a TV program on ABC called “Of Men and Women.”  “Of Men and Women” is a hard one to find, but I recently was able to view it at the UCLA facility/ Powell Library in Los Angeles ( 989 more words

Stephen Boyd

Somebody Killed Her Husband (1978)

By Richard Winters

My Rating: 1 out of 10

4-Word Review: Searching for spouse’s killer.

Jerry Green (Jeff Bridges) is a frustrated, would-be crime novelist who spends his days working as a clerk at a toy store while dictating to himself crime scenarios he plans on using in his stories that no one ever reads. 535 more words