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Did Joe Really Marry Two Frieda Bachmanns?

Occasionally, I run across a man or woman who had two spouses who just so happened to have the same first name.  That, in itself, is a pretty unusual thing.  637 more words

Shorty and Leona

When I write stories for this blog, it is usually about people who lived and died a long time ago.  When I do research for these stories, it is actually easier to do so because there are privacy laws which protect the public from getting at more recent records.  802 more words

Belief Through Books: Core Selections

This is the list of books I couldn’t wait to talk about, as it includes those that have been some of the most important. I know that when I say ‘core books’ it reflects my personal choices and viewpoints. 1,110 more words


Longtown's Hair Hacker

We hear plenty in the news these days about hackers.  There are hackers in America.  There are hackers in foreign countries.  They make the news when they have succeeded in their hacking.  681 more words

Building a Baseball Team

We are part of Cardinal Nation here in the East End of Perry County, and we are in the midst of the baseball season.  This year, we grudgingly admit that we are suffering as we watch the St. 568 more words

More Ridge Gerlers

The birthday girl today is a Boehme.  I would describe her as a Farrar Boehme, as opposed to a Wittenberg Boehme.  Her name was Ottelea Helene Boehme and she was born on April 21, 1880 and was baptized at Salem Lutheran Church in Farrar, Missouri.  395 more words

The Late Mrs. John Lawrence

Gone the way of all flesh

When it comes to family history, obituaries can provide a fascinating look into the lives of our ancestors.  They can provide a perspective that is rarely matched by other types of documents and records. 577 more words