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More Ridge Gerlers

The birthday girl today is a Boehme.  I would describe her as a Farrar Boehme, as opposed to a Wittenberg Boehme.  Her name was Ottelea Helene Boehme and she was born on April 21, 1880 and was baptized at Salem Lutheran Church in Farrar, Missouri.  395 more words

The Late Mrs. John Lawrence

Gone the way of all flesh

When it comes to family history, obituaries can provide a fascinating look into the lives of our ancestors.  They can provide a perspective that is rarely matched by other types of documents and records. 577 more words


The Farrar Family Papers in The Lincoln Public Library

Consider this post a placeholder – for myself, or some future researcher – but there is a wealth of primary material relating to the Farrar family of Lincoln/ Concord, currently housed in the Lincoln Public library. 201 more words


The Battle of Bunker Hill Seen As A Family Affair, And Other Odd Observations

My cousin, Elisha Lee, raised an interesting point last fall. He said (I’m paraphrasing) that if you could go back in time and visit certain key events as they happened, such as the Battle of Bunker Hill, you could more or less pick out numerous ancestors fighting, if not side by side, then at least on the same field. 297 more words


The Farrar Homestead, Lincoln, MA

There are only a few extant photographs of the house in which generations of Farrars were born, raised, lived, and died– and from which, lest we forget, Mercy Hoar Farrar fled the British. 751 more words

Places: Paintings And Photographs

Fear Among the Citizens of Lincoln Following the Battles of Lexington and Concord

There’s a short but interesting primary account that touches on the profound fear among the citizens of Boston’s surrounding towns, following the Battle of Lexington and Concord. 249 more words


Captain Samuel Farrar, 'The Son'

This entry is really a placeholder.

Briefly, as I mentioned in my last post, Deacon, and also Lieut., Samuel Farrar, Sr. (1708-1783) had a son, Lieut., and later Capt., and subsequently Deacon, Samuel Farrar, Jr. 179 more words