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Kramers Cross the Equator

When we wrote about a triple wedding in the blog post, Three in One at Trinity, one of the couples married on that day was Johannes Kramer and Magdalena Christiana Bergt.  461 more words

ARC Review - The Monster on the Road Is Me by J.P. Romney

Title: The Monster on the Road Is Me

Author: J.P. Romney

Rating: ★★★★★

Synopsis: It starts with the crows. When you see them, you know he s found you. 595 more words

Trinity's Tischler

Trinity Lutheran Church in Altenburg will be celebrating the 150th anniversary of its current church sanctuary in 2017.  If you have seen the exterior of this church, you immediately realize that there was plenty of masonry work done when it was built.  238 more words

Meyer-Meier Marriage

Meyer, Meier, and Meyr are three different family names common in East Perry County’s history.  Today we discuss the marriage between two of these familiies….a marriage of a Meyer and a Meier. 185 more words

Missing Out: In Praise of the Unlived Life

Being sceptical to psychoanalysis as a therapeutic method in cases of severe mental illness, I still believe that psychoanalytical theory has a lot to offer the fields of arts and humanities. 127 more words

Funeral Home Fans

Here in Perry County, we have just been through a week in which the heat and humidity have been pretty brutal.  It makes one wonder how people around here managed to survive in the many years before air conditioning arrived on the scene. 437 more words

Book review: The Trouble in Me, by Jack Gantos

Gantos, Jack. The Trouble in Me. Farrar, 2015. $17.99. 224p. 9780374379957. Ages 12-15. P9Q8

Gantos, known for his Rotten Ralph and Joey Pigza series, is at his best when he uses personal experiences for his novels, and this funny, scary book about 14-year-old Jack’s relationship with his new neighbor, a thug, is no different. 94 more words

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