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Aliens: do they look like us?

If anyone’s noticed, one of my minor obsessions is alien life. I’m not one of those who believes we’re being probed by Roswell-style aliens. My interest is more about fantasy (and maybe reality). 366 more words

"Dark Matter" and "Killjoys" Bringing Sci-fi Adventure Back to Syfy

How many of us have been pining for the day we could fill the Firefly-shaped holes in our hearts with some new space show? Two of Syfy channel’s newest acquisitions seem to be on track to do just that, provided they don’t crash and burn as the first seasons progress. 624 more words



Before I begin, I want to define what the word “geek” means to me. It’s a person who loves and obsesses over something. They are passionate about it, whether it’s comics, games, computers, TV shows, action figures, etc. 509 more words

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Dark Matter - Show Review

Yesterday, I watched the premiere episode of the ScyFy’s (I hate that spelling of their channel name, by the way) new show: Dark Matter.  I am  561 more words