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Review: The Stars Are Legion

So, I’ll start this by admitting some bias off the bat. I’m a big Kameron Hurley fan. I’ve been entranced with Worldbreaker Saga trilogy ever since I picked it up a few years ago after the blurb piqued my interest. 1,076 more words


Boldly Running Away: The Bizarre Legacy Of Farscape

Most science fiction revolves around a brave crew of adventurers boldly facing the unknown. Then, there’s Farscape, where a bunch of criminals run away from anything like the unknown as fast as they possibly can. 1,988 more words


Terra Firma – S04E13

In this episode the Moya crew find themselves on present day Earth. Grayza has a little present for Crichton.

After over three years of trying John Crichton has finally returned home. 494 more words


Top 10 Sci Fi TV Series of All Time + Vote for your Favourite (200th Post Alert)

From ever since I was little lad watching Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan and The Empire Strikes Back on Betamax cassettes I have been a lover of science fiction. 1,349 more words

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Stockport Comic-Con: Small town, big heart.

Step aside Stockport County FC!

Coming Sunday 13th November to small-town, big hearted Stockport, Manchester is Unleashed Events Comic-Con. Not only is it actually sounding pretty decent but we also get to see Stockport County’s football ground turned into a nerdtopia for the day… and that I’ve gotta see! 91 more words

It is always Friday

         Once there was an episode on a sci-fi series called Farscape called “Thank God it’s Friday…Again”. In it, the residents of the planet were drugged into working every day.  552 more words