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Using Slang and Curse words – How Much is Okay?

I’ve seen this topic circulating around the writing community a lot lately: when is it okay to use curse words in your story? And on a related topic: how much current slang is okay? 589 more words

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What Other Series Would You Like to See Return?

Here in the UK, February sees the return of both The X-Files and Heroes (as Heroes Reborn). I am excited for both because from what I have seen of them, they do look very good and not merely a cynical attempt to cash in (at least, not yet). 608 more words

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Con Envy: 4/16

As of this morning, if someone asked me my dream holiday destination (at least for the last week of April), I’d confidently reply: “Parsippany, New Jersey, of course!” Why for? 144 more words

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The Best and Worst of Farscape: Season 2

For previous installments:

Season Two was overall a very good follow-up to Season One.

The Best:

Crackers Don’t Matter, Picture If You Will, The Locket, and A Clockwork Nebari… 10,860 more words

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Reflection on Farscape: Peacekeeper Wars

In the 90s Science Fiction TV dominated by Star Trek. The Next Generation, which was perhaps the most beloved Trek received critical acclaim and excellent ratings, was followed in quick succession by… 1,377 more words

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2015 Publishing Retrospective: Talyn’s Heroic Journey in Farscape

The second essay I published on Kindle in 2015 was Talyn’s Heroic Journey in Farscape. It was at that point that I decided to have simple covers in the same style for all those essays to be released independently in digital format. 174 more words

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