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We had very hot days in Pakistan; blessed with them day after day. The sky would get frustrated, as you can imagine. It would let its frustration rain down on the children dancing underneath it, outside on the broken road. 1,026 more words



Thaam kar karay thay un ki kalaee ko

Pal bhar ko nazar udar hui,

kay sangdil kushboo chor kar nikal gaye

A New Desination

هدف ما


به بلاگ ما خوش آمدید

هدف ما از ساختن این بلاگ ترجمهٔ مطلب فلسفی‌ به زبان فارسی خواهد بود. همهٔ تلاش به اینکه جمله‌های نویسنده را با نذراته خودمون قاطی‌ نکنیم خواهیم کرد. اولین پست ما با دکارت شروع خواهد شد که در چند روز آینده مدیتیشن اولش به فارسی  خواهد آماده شد



'Khuskh Taar O Khuskh Chob O Khuskh Post' - Maulana Rumi

Parched hide, dried wood, frayed string
From where does the beloved’s voice ring?
Not the drum, nor the wood, or the string
From itself does the beloved’s voice spring… 140 more words


نیمه شب نیمه شب نیست

الان ما تابستان دریم
در نیمه شب آفتابی هست
خیلی مفید هست


Ramadan Kareem!

Ramadan Kareem.
The month of deen and fasting.
Be well Inshallah.

(Note: I considered Inshallah to be three syllables: In-sha-llah).


The little black fish swims back out to sea

Tiny Owl is a new children’s book publisher with a noble aim: to “introduce the cream of the crop of global children’s literature, contemporary and old, to the English speaking audience.” 168 more words