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Hafez Nazeri - Existence Life

I received a request at simbi to translate the lyrics of the above song from Persian to English. Following is what I sent back to that person as the result.  137 more words


What language do Persians Speak?

I have said in my last post that Persians speak Farsi, but that is a bit of a generalization.  The amount of the language for Iran and the people who live or have lived there is very diverse.   526 more words


What even is Persian Culture?

So what is Persian culture?  Persian Culture is something completely unique, which has been influenced by some many different outside forces.  From the Greeks, to the Muslims, and (surprisingly for a short time) The USA.   392 more words


While Others Sing His Songs, Randy Travis Still Owns the Stage at Tribute Concert

It was up to Garth Brooks to give the near-sellout crowd in Nashville what they wanted to hear most: Randy Travis’ voice.

Brooks was the final singer among more than 30 who came to honor the country legend on Wednesday night with a tribute concert at Bridgestone Arena. 731 more words


I went to Iran

I went to Iran last summer but have been too busy worrying about inter-library loans to remind people. I had a great time and learnt some things. 1,264 more words

Arabic: what gives?

Many posts ago a Palestinian pal (“pal” is twitterese for Palestinian) asked me to write about my adventures in Arabic. So here ’tis :-) 465 more words



“In protest of the inhumane political climate, I could not rest my head in privilege. I wrote Bebin’ in Farsi, to solidify. I stand strong with love.

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