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Two Poems by Carmel Rawhani


It is said that love is a cunning temptress.
But what of nostalgia? Is she not a cruel mistress?
A silent thief of the present? 596 more words

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Gottesdienst interkulturell

Die Zufluchtsuchenden, die in diesen Tagen nach Deutschland kommen, sind zu einem nicht geringen Teil Christen (ich habe Zahlen zwsichen 15 und 50 Prozent gefunden). Wie k├Ânnen sie unsere Gottesdienste mitfeiern? 101 more words



a person who is unknown; stranger.

Also called sheefish. a game fish, Stenodus leucichthys, of fresh or brackish northern waters.

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1. a flavoring made from diced vegetables, seasonings, herbs, and sometimes meat, often placed in a pan to cook with meat or fish.

2. finely chopped vegetables, as onions and carrots, sometimes with meat, often used as a bed for meat that is to be braised. 19 more words

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The beard raps in Farsi

This song got tired of me listening to it too many times over the last few days… Here is the full version.


Taxi Tehran

Very clever, and at times very funny film made by a man who is banned from making films in the country in which he lives. 92 more words