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Her Story

I first met Shokoofeh Azar in Fremantle about 3 years ago after reading a story she had published in the Westerly. Within 5 minutes we were chatting as if we had shared a childhood and memories we both knew we hadn’t. 605 more words

Books And Writing

Iran Motor Sport - An Overwiew

In 1894, thanks to a French newspaper which organised the first race from Paris to Rouen and back, we saw the start of city to city racing, few years later in 1900; the Gordon Bennett Cup was established. 863 more words

English Blog

The one where I went to Iran

I have a flair for languages (or so I think). After dabbling into Arabic for a bit, I decided that I wanted to pursue my interest in Persian and what better way to do that than go to Iran to learn it! 934 more words


Goodbye Farsi.

​I promised myself not to write (Farsi) anymore. Could that be either a turning point, getting raid of the bullshits which we all are used to continue with no pause, or a personal decision. 136 more words

Two from NTU in Düsseldorf and my first day at work!

Yesterday morning I had to go to the registration office (Einwohnermeldeamt) to register me living at my new address. Note to self! Always turn up early when in Germany. 546 more words

Humans of Moria

Tonight we will be reading books to the children in Moria, the camp that everyone knows from the horrible images on tv as ‘the prison’. I am with my colleague who stepped into glass while we were swimming with the woman’s group last week. 369 more words


To be the sea again,

Again and again.

My visit to Turkey this year was unlike the rest. In spirit and happenings. The summer in which those who’d seen a couple decades go by here ask me sardonic questions like “Is this your first coup?” to the failed attempt around midnight 15th of July. 491 more words