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Laser Eyes- The Frustration of Being Forever Four-Eyed

Today I went into one of Cleveland’s top Lasik Eye Surgery Centers; Lasik Vision Centers of Cleveland . Chosen for their flawless 5.0 star rating, amazing reviews, and innovative state of the art equipment that is completely knife free, I was beyond excited for to book my free Lasik Eval. 676 more words

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Trouble with glasses


Monday, February 27th. Yesterday.

It is lunchtime. Boy and I sit across the table from one another; Girl is at school. On my plate, a sandwich; on his, a quesadilla. 615 more words

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What is Farsighted Seeing?

For many, developing bad eyesight is just a part of the aging process, or just comes naturally. However, when it comes to getting glasses or contact lenses to remedy these situations, it’s imperative to remember that there are different types of vision issues, namely nearsightedness and farsightedness. 181 more words

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16-07-03 The Things I Wonder About

Is this how the world would look if I took off my glasses AND was color blind?

Looking towards New Jersey over the lower Hudson (Tribeca)


Finding a good optometrist

I like my new eye doctor…

My eyes are really bad and I’m extremely nearsighted. You may be thinking you are too. If your prescription is above – or + 10, then we can talk. 546 more words
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Makeup Tools For Farsighted Glasses Wearers

Hi guys!

I’ve had multiple questions asking for tips and advice on how to apply makeup with glasses on. The people asking me these questions are farsighted and have trouble seeing their face, and therefore their makeup application, up close in a mirror. 819 more words


Remembering Mr. Magoo


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Poor old guy couldn’t see past the end of his bulbous nose.  We laughed at his antics,  but no one wanted to BE him. 274 more words

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