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The Belly At The Deli

He was my father only in name, he left mum for another woman, when I was just a little boy, because the other woman had money; and four years I do not see him, that is until I got my first packet of pay, and then he came and said “hello my son how you?, got any money for me?’ and to his request I did succumb… 260 more words


I have nothing further to say

This appeared today on yahoo.com and nothing could be further from accurate than this use of farther:

Confused about the difference between further and… 92 more words


"Farther" or "Further?"

Should I Use “Farther” or “Further?”

The words farther and further are often used interchangeably based on what rolls off the tongue more nicely. Most of the time, it is not terrible grammar to use these two words in this way, but it is widely accepted by grammarians that the two words are slightly different. 140 more words

This Or That?

You can’t put a limit on anything. The more you dream, the farther you get. ~ Michael Phelps


Carcharodon Word Rules #1 — Farther or Further?

Today we are introducing a new feature of Carcharodon Books: Carcharodon Word Rules!

Carcharodon Word Rules is intended to be a regular video series where we explain various rules and nuances of the English language in easy-to-understand terms.  35 more words


Life Lesson: Actions Matter

In this world everyone is not born with the same amount of wealth, conditions, and opportunities.  However, one thing everyone has is choices.  The real difference between the haves and have-nots is the amount of chances and do-overs to correct mistakes.  108 more words

Life Lessons