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Just as we learn with driving we should keep our eyes looking as far forward as we can, and when we think we’ve gotten to what we saw there’s so much more to see.

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Farther  /ˈfɑːðə(r) /, farthest  /ˈfɑːðɪst/ & further  /ˈfɜːðə(r)/, furthest  /ˈfɜːðɪst/

Đây là các hình thức so sánh bậc hơn và cao nhất của far (xa, xa xôi) 254 more words


Fun Fact of the Day

Fun Fact of the Day: Golf balls travel significantly farther in hot weather. The warmer the ball is, the more resilient the rubber becomes. A warmer golf ball has more elasticity, which causes the ball to leave the club with more force.

A Cult of Happiness Part 48 (26th November 2035)

26th November 2035

It has been two weeks since the Sophia’s arrest and the protests she precipitated have finally begun to abate but not without the powers that be beginning to make concessions. 866 more words


Grammar Bomb: Further VS Farther

Run farther up the road to the library; there, you can further your knowledge.



“Do you use farther and further interchangeably? You’re not alone….” 65 more words

Daily Fix

Further And Farther: A Theory

Further or farther? Which one do you use in which situation? As a general rule… they’re pretty interchangeable, but many people use the following rule: Further refers to metaphorical distance, whereas farther refers to physical distance. 56 more words