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The closer I move towards fear of losing myself, the more farther I move from loving myself



This couldn't be further from good

This is kinda the mother of all bad word choices on Yahoo! Style:

That couldn’t be further from the correct words.

UPDATE: After I took that screen-grab, the paragraph was changed, presumably by an editor. 57 more words


This couldn't be further from correct

Maybe it was a silver dollar. And maybe the silver dollar was rolling down a hill. And it rolled farther than it had before. If that were the case, then this word usage on Yahoo! 30 more words



I haven’t come this far

to pretend

to lie

to be lied to

I’ve come this far

to go farther

to push deeper

to go beyond

my self-imposed limitations

Parama K. Williams


The farther you are from home
The greater the force of attraction to be home!


Welcome to ‘Bonjour Mini’ a ‘dad blog’, why a dad blog I hear you all cry…. 206 more words