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This word can be used to determine a distance and how long it is in terms of expanse of space or time. But figuratively, it can be a vast word for self-discovery and the indication of how long it would take us to the path we chose to walk on. 429 more words


Don't act like you want too

Being a parent is an interesting occupation. Yes, being a parent is a job because you have to put in the hours to get the results or best out of your child. 267 more words


So you understand?

We have to die someday .

May not be today or the day after

May be painful yet painless

Do you understand we have to go away for a very long time one day ? 124 more words


That couldn't be further from correct

This couldn’t be further from the correct word on Yahoo! Celebrity:

The writer should know that farther refers to physical distances and further for nonphysical measurement. 146 more words


Letter to Ford Motor Company

For years I’ve suffered through Ford’s print and television advertisements. Today I finally did something about it.

If you’ve read my page about apostrophes, ‘Apostrophe Alert,’ you know the story of a late friend who was an apostrophe vigilante.  204 more words


Writing 4.2 - Writest and Wrongest

Here’s another installment of my series simply designed to tell you that you’re not writing rite.  I mean, that you’re righting is wrong.  Just try to get it write.   1,067 more words