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Grammar Bomb: Further VS Farther

Run farther up the road to the library; there, you can further your knowledge.



“Do you use farther and further interchangeably? You’re not alone….” 65 more words

Daily Fix

Further And Farther: A Theory

Further or farther? Which one do you use in which situation? As a general rule… they’re pretty interchangeable, but many people use the following rule: Further refers to metaphorical distance, whereas farther refers to physical distance. 56 more words


Word War: Farther vs Further

The only time someone told me my grammar sucks was when I told him to get the first cab going home because his house was farther than mine. 228 more words


Nothing could be further from correct

Using farther couldn’t have been further from correct on Yahoo! Style:

Unless the distance from the truth is measurable, the correct word is further. Need further explanation? See the American Heritage Dictionary.



” I am talya. I believed a lie. I grew up believing that i was a vulcan. I believed that my perents were tadahl and tiver of vulcan.” 416 more words

Star Trek


This word can be used to determine a distance and how long it is in terms of expanse of space or time. But figuratively, it can be a vast word for self-discovery and the indication of how long it would take us to the path we chose to walk on. 429 more words


Don't act like you want too

Being a parent is an interesting occupation. Yes, being a parent is a job because you have to put in the hours to get the results or best out of your child. 267 more words