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Mr Trump and Mr Putin blowing hot air at the Fart Championships in Finland

President Trump of the US and President Putin of Russia are due to hold a summit meeting in Finland next Monday. It will, no doubt, be full of hot air. 194 more words


To Fart Or Not To Fart

lol! Randomm but I am literally sitting at my desk holding in my fart cause I am to coward to let loose.

Funny thing is that I am usually alone in my office for the most part and I would be able to do me but last week I had the same situation and It was pretty quiet at work. 68 more words


Merridawn Duckler - In a Thrift Shop in Denver

In a Thrift Shop in Denver

An old guy walked by, farting in a thrift shop in Denver.

I missed my father, so I started to follow him. 155 more words


Time to get serious

Okay, thanks for putting up with all the silliness here, particularly the Princess Robo. I am going to stop posting the Princess Robo drawings, but that doesn’t mean I’ll be making more of them…especially if I’m going to make a digest sized mini book in the next month :P. 210 more words

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Causes of excessive farting

What Causes Excessive Gassing- Fatulence?

The human body is a massive machine, working 24/7, doing all manner of functions and working to keep you alive. In performing all of these functions, certain by products will be produced, which must be passed out of the body, to avoid toxicity and to make you comfortable. 1,447 more words

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Other Indiscretions That Might Be Considered for Additions to the Seven Deadly Sins 48 more words

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When to hold in a fart?

I usually don’t recommend holding in a fart, but if you can consciously help it, then don’t let it out in one of these places. 176 more words

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