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Farting Applause

I’ve wondered before what it would be like if instead of clapping our hands to show applause, we instead farted to show applause and appreciation.  Can you imagine an entire concert hall full of people farting to show their appreciation after their favorite performer had just performed?  8 more words


Charcoal biscuits

These are cookies made with butter, flour, sugar, and activated charcoal. I feel like this is not so much a cookie as a terrible mistake that got defended just a little too vigorously and now people think they’re okay to eat. 15 more words


Smelly Farts

Dear Old Phart,

I am having this issue of loud smelly farts! I stopped dairy and it seemed to get worse. I stopped meat and got even worse, I stopped raw salad and it stayed about the same so I gave up cooked veggie’s and the farts go so loud I couldn’t believe it came from me. 269 more words


Here we are again 

At the cusp of something new, something exciting! A baby is being born this very night!! ❤ Lily ❤

Also, on Wednesday I will interview for the 1 year contract position, on Friday I interview for the GM position close to my sister, and I was asked to take on a new project at work here if neither of those work out. 78 more words


German Of The Day: Diese Fahrt Endet Hier

That means this drive or line (as in bus line) terminates here.

Of course a foreign, English-speaking  person like yourself might think that it means “this fart ends here.” You know, like the buck stops here only it’s a fart? 97 more words



Every now and then, I get to thinking I don’t really need deodorant. Then I run out and I begin to see the benefit to society in my… 6 more words