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Soggy bacon < crispy bacon

Dear everyone,

If the question is “Should I put this pot cover over the frying pan while I fry my bacon at very high temperatures and forget it’s there because I’m messing around on my new blog?”, the answer should be “No.”

Always, be no.


May The Farts Be With You

I’m seriously trying to lose a few pounds these days. I weigh myself every morning, and I like to see progress. I have several theories that have resulted in a strategy I have concocted for weight loss that involves farting, or lack therof. 303 more words


Farts Are Funny

Yup. Today's post is about passing gas.

I think farts are amusing.

They feel good too. Everyone has a good fart story to share. And we all laugh. 59 more words


Gross Yoga

At my last lesson, my yoga instructor and I started talking about “fitspo” images (“fit inspiration” pictures; often glossy, perfectly lighted, framed, and posed images of very fit people doing physically impressive—yet also beautiful—feats of flexibility and strength). 1,430 more words

Caffeine Breakup Letter

Dear Caffeine,

We aren’t good together. It’s me, not you! There’s no doubt that you’ve saved me on many a morning when my eyelids were too heavy to lift themselves. 173 more words


The Other F Word

WORDS FROM W.W.                                                         August 7, 2017


I was having dinner with my dad Sunday night at Wyngate, his senior apartment complex. We sat across the table from his across-the-hall neighbor, Bonnie! 249 more words

08-06-2017 Syndromes!

I think I’ve become a victim of RAS Syndrome. As you well know there seem to be hundreds of magical syndromes that are announced on a regular basis to help excuse what some might call “shitty behavior”. 424 more words

Just Saying Again