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A Mens Guide To Toilet Etiquette

Nobody really likes to poo in public toilets, or pubs or clubs or anywhere that isn’t your own home, but sometimes it is a necessary evil that you just have to deal with. 647 more words

Dumb Shit

Phartophobia or Flatuphobia

Happy (Belated) Independence Day!!! Being that it is a holiday weekend, I thought it best to keep this entry light as air, er well, more like gas…I’m actually quite nervous about sharing this topic because it is very embarrassing, but for the sake of personal growth and acceptance, here it goes: 1,181 more words


The Old Man's Suggestion ~ Just Remember That Temptation Rarely Comes In An Ugly Package!

July 4, 2015

Hi Luv et alii,

Where SWMBO comes from this flower is known by the somewhat less than eloquent name; ‘Little Devils Farts’. … 51 more words


This Is A Sickening Joke That You Play With My Emotions

And so I hope you burn in hell and you never find the ocean…. 

Remember I’ve told you I’m the most complicated person ever……. so kept my sis and her boyfriend up till four this morning when they were expecting someone to come and check their apartment at 8 o’clock this morning, but I didn’t keep them up at home, no, at the emergency. 375 more words


Lollipop Lazy Eyes

More goodies from the kind and creative folks over at Red Heart! I knew I wanted to dabble even more with various textures and yarn outside of Super Saver(my go to favorite for everything). 350 more words