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on my way to a great summer body, kind of.

Summer is approaching, which means exercising is becoming more popular. Everyone wants to get fit before they show off that bod to anyone that’ll look. So naturally, I decided it was time to attempt this thing they call working out. 352 more words


OCR Report: 2015 Indianapolis (and Citi Field) Spartan Sprint, Part III: The Funny Stuff

This last post wrapping up the Citi Field and Indianapolis Sprints will just share the funny stuff that happened at these races (and the times immediately before and after). 563 more words


Watch This Girl Awakening From Surgery Proclaim That Her 'Butt Hole Hurts'

The girl in this video is coming to from some type of surgical procedure, and I’m gonna guess colonoscopy because I don’t know what else would make your butt hole hurt, as she tells her ex-boyfriend recording it. 53 more words

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Things a mum of boys will understand

As a mum of boys, I have accepted that certain things will happen in my house that I do not understand.

Things that probably never crossed my radar earlier. 700 more words

So This Guy Accidentally Farted A Musical Masterpiece

There’s a reason that fart’s got the word “art” in it. Now that someone has actually passed an entire musical masterpiece¬†out of their butt, no one will ever convince me that there’s anything about flatulence that isn’t painfully beautiful. 111 more words

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Cancer Stinks!

Flatulence. It’s a fact of life.

Bum burps, trouser trumpets, crop duster, muff puff, whatever you want to call it, anal acoustics is something we all experience. 550 more words

A sickness such as this.

Standing in aisle 6 of the store, I suddenly catch a noxious scent creeping into my nostril. It fills my nasal passage, this repugnant odor hijacking the air around me. 78 more words