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Why We Need A Mass (Bowel) Movement of Protest

We need a new movement of protest. What? I hear you yelp. If there’s one thing we have too much of right now, it is movements of protest. 1,130 more words

Dear Right Buttock....

….We’ve been together for a long time. We know each other well. We’ve been through some stuff. You’re the reason I’m currently going to Physio. I’ve been good. 574 more words

A Cautionary Tail

Donald started sitting in with our band. At first I was pissed because everything about him was sloppy, including his guitar playing. He banged away with abandon, juking his head around like a rocker. 741 more words

True Stories From The Life Of Laura P.


It’s so hurty
But I get through
It’s a bit like
It’s so annoying
When you’re soaked through
But we get through

Pain… 114 more words

May 25th, 2016

 Jonathots, Jr. Daily Blog

(Number 1218)


Social Commentary

Sermon. The Wisdom Within Us

In response to Proverbs 8: 1-4, 22-31. Written for Open Door UMC on my last day. 

I remember the weeks gearing up to my first semester in Seminary. 1,866 more words

My Trip to the Steam Room

For the past few days I’ve been feeling like a big pile of shit. I’ve been coughing and hacking up lung butter and taking Mucinex like it’s crack, but to no avail, still feel like shit. 341 more words