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Health Benefits Of A Fart.

Health Benefits Of A Fart.

You may be surprised to learn that farting is beneficial to your health and to others within ear shot and nose proximity, but try telling them that! 664 more words


Earplug Adventures: Stepladder to the Stars (episode 19)

Well, the next day, those earplugs who were training the recruits decided that a day off was in order. They suggested that instead of indulging in sporting activities or wild, unfettered, sexual intercourse, the recruits should try stimulating their cerebral side by visiting an art exhibition. 348 more words


JC: "stinky mommy" 

The Jakob chronicles are going to be full of funny and not so funny times; but I want to start it off number 1 with a laugh. 242 more words


10 Things I've Learned As a Dad

Being a dad is awesome. I mean, it’s exhausting and weird and I’d never have imagined being able to quote Mickey Mouse Clubhouse in my everyday life but it’s still been amazing. 368 more words


Well, are they?

Amy’s school drop-in day. A chance to look around the classroom. A chance to meet the other kids. A chance to get excited about the year ahead. 37 more words

Short Stuff

Ooohhh ! Stinky !

But I definitely have a big issue with people farting continuously during 3 hours long flights !!!

Seriously ! Stay off the baked beans before flying, people !!! 😖😖😖