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Are The Marlins Pumping Fart Noises Into Their Stadium?

The Miami Marlins and Washington Nationals are division rivals, even though only the Nats have a realistic shot at making the playoffs, so it only stands to reason that when Washington visits Miami, they wouldn’t have the warmest welcome. 173 more words


The Marlins played fart noises over the loud speakers during Nationals batting practice

The Washington Nationals were in Miami on Wednesday for a game against the Marlins, and during batting practice, this happened:

Went back through BP tape and found the fart noise during…

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Nationals BP at Marlins Park Greeted by the Dulcet Tones of Fart Noises

It’s been a strange day for baseball players at Marlins Park today. Earlier Wednesday Miami appeared to have a deal with the Dodgers to send Mat Latos and Michael Morse… 244 more words


Quick Survey...Discretion around Secretions

I try not to tackle bathroom humor too often.  I’ve never found fart jokes funny(although farts themselves can be and are still funny).  A silent fart in the car by yourself that smells so bad you have to roll the window down =funny.   481 more words



Let’s face it: yoga and farts is a natural combination. Wikipedia has a ton of great entries on farts and fart-related topics. Please indulge yourself in looking at some of the fart-related media: 29 more words

Pull My Pork

In life, there are a few universal truths, undeniable facts of science and nature, one of those is the fact that farts are funny. The just are. 1,087 more words