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"Who Farted? It Wasn't Me!"

Timmy and I have a lot in common. One of these attributes (special powers?) involves the ability to make fantastic farts.

Allow me to explain. 473 more words

Bee Life

Its Not What It Seems.... 2

Skin prickling

Heat stifling

Sweat ejaculated from my skin

A kerchief to wipe away my doubts

And a best man to steady my stance

Oggling eyes… 304 more words


Couples who Fart infront of each other have Longer Lasting Relationships

Best news I had all year!  So it is true: “A rose lasts for a week … a fart lasts err … forever?”.

Well, if you just started dating, you should probably take this advice with an open mind.   235 more words

Have you seen

Swiss Army Man?

I have. And it was a wonderful experience. It left an indelible mark on my mind and it is utterly unforgettable. The smartest movie you’ve ever seen with the most fart jokes, this film brutally exposed the stupidity of our inane societal constructs and opened a window to the wonders of enjoying life for life itself. 110 more words


Miss Me Yet?

I’m away, without good access to the internet.

But the universe told me you missed me. Or maybe seeing this picture did:
You’re welcome.

All The News You Need

Benny the Stink

Okay, if you don’t already know much about Boxer Dogs I can tell you this much; these little dudes FART.

They have been known to make it in the top 10 lists for stinkiest breeds. 254 more words

Spring Forward Cooking Tips

Pumpernickel grilled cheese. (Pumpernickel translates to “the Devil’s fart.” Favorite bread name ever!)

Could be burnt. Could be fine.

Who can tell? 49 more words

Edging Ever Closer To Officially Batshit Crazy