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Farts can spark a litmus test of the self. By the time we’ve reached adulthood, several epic decisions have been made. Will I be liberal or conservative? 344 more words


Dog love 7

She loves me

{ She trots away; I can still smell it when I wander in }

She loves me not

{ She’s wagging her tail; it’s silent but pungent } 79 more words


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* #mindboggling #bad #vintage #print #media #ads





* I did not make the pictures in this post. Some people made these pictures and put them on their wesbites and then some other people stole said pictures and put them on their websites which is really out of order. 19 more words



If I ever get into another long-term relationship, I’m going to remember the lesson of trying to keep some romance alive. And I think this means no more sweatpants with holes in them, picking toes in the family room, or thinking it’s a real relationship because we fart in front of each other. 21 more words

Jayjay 29-Jul-2016

‘Fyart ed’. I’m off to the gym soon, you still fancy coming? Completely cool if not, just let me know xx’


You it is absolutely 100% fine man, I’m gonna be ultimately chilled, not a single worry if not man. 18 more words


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* Say hello to warm hair!

* Keep the results front and back!!!

* Impress your friends with the charm of silky fine man hair!!!!!!!!!! 25 more words