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I have a cheesy mug fetish. Maybe it’s because I gave up graphic tees in my early 20s and I need an outlet for camp and snark. 27 more words


Ever thought about setting one of your farts on fire?? Think again.......

Probably third only behind cooking meat and keeping warm, primitive man realized that fire was a useful tool for lighting farts on fire, which is… 523 more words


Funny mummy

So my children constantly tell me I play too much. I am always playing pranks on them and turn everything into a joke. I have always been this way and don’t really think ill change. 101 more words


Whale Farts/Baby Names

Rahheem and Bishop discuss whales, farting, and names. You know; the important stuff.

This Little Girl Had A Flatulent Reaction To Being Told She's Going To Be A Big Sister

For a parent, I’d have to imagine that one of the most special things about having a second child is breaking the news to your first child that he or she will be a big brother or big sister. 64 more words

Web Culture

( Warning) A Poopy Story...don't let the Daisy fool you.

Ducolax. They say it won’t “make you go, it just helps you to go.” True.
But they don’t mention that it will make you fart for 48 hours, so if you take it every day as suggested, the farting never ends. 243 more words

Women Who Think Too Much

Really young and really old people have a lot in common!!

Observation started with this post (http://mindfuldigressions.com/2015/03/12/how-often-do-you-fart/) by one of my favorite bloggers.  After complaining of stomach pains, and taking a lot of icky meds, his doctor asked him how often he farted, which prompted the following thoughts about the many similarities between babies and old people. 119 more words

Old Fart Friday