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Because this fart's for ISIS

We often think of unifying cultural forces as being art or music related.

But what about farts??

Where isn’t a fast lane fart flipping out of nowheresville funny?  169 more words


Fartgate - A Female Right

*Disclaimer – TMI

As a believer in equality I’m ashamed to admit that I don’t fart in front of my boyfriend.

I’ve spent the last three plus years suffering countless stomach aches and just generally being as discreet as humanly possible. 401 more words


We are grown ups

My wife Lisa and I are both in our thirties. We have our hobbit-sized home that we pay the bills for and try to keep somewhat clean. 369 more words

What do zombies smell like?

I’ve often thought that one of the things missing from our experience of movies and other visual media is the immersive sense of a place that comes from actually being in an environment. 362 more words

Kids Books

Fart Cookies

Need to feel better about yourself or your kids?

For the most part, I’ve blogged about my cute kid. Please do not think he’s perfect. Or that my kid is better than yours. 498 more words


yWs Bonus #22

Well. Sometimes you find out something that makes a friend uncomfortable and that is what you go with. Not safe for work.

Download this episode (right click and save) 18 more words

Pro Wrestling

He Who Dealt It...

Exhausted and emotionally drained so I drew a conversation between Ben Franklin and a lemon.