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Philosophers on Farting

Think before you stink.

Hey 3.5 readers.

I surveyed the following philosophers on the topic of farting.  Here is what they said:

Socrates – If you want to know whether or not you should fart, ask yourself if you should or should not fart.   700 more words


Fun with Farts - Old MacDonald heard a fart

Miss Manners would probably be spinning in her grave*, but seriously, I don’t know when I’ve laughed so hard as when I read Old MacDonald Heard a Fart! 414 more words


The Group Home - Part II

I’ve been quiet. I’ve started a few posts and ended up scrapping them. The last month or so has been busy and rife with change and I do believe it got the best of me! 871 more words

Locking the car windows before your fart

Probably one of the worst things you can do to your family is lock the car windows and then unleash a seat warmer. When someone shouts “Roll-down the windows” say you don’t know what they mean because there are no rollers in the car. 18 more words


Did Kevin Durant Fart Sniff His Way To An NBA Title? My Column:

I remember the first time I ever watched Kevin Durant play at Texas. Not really, because it was 10 years ago so it’s hard to remember an exact game, but I totally remember that season as a whole. 491 more words

Still Laughing At Farts

I’m not quite old, but I’m definitely not young anymore. That sucks donkey dick. I don’t feel old.  I try to find humor in things to lighten the sucky parts of life, and there is a lot of suck. 351 more words


One of our particles is missing

 Now that Higgs Bosun has been discovered – but deemed “too heavy” – the search for another particle (dubbed ‘inflaton’) has finally been completed. It’s called that because it is alleged to have inflated space, and thus made the initial rapid growth in the Universe possible. 780 more words