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“Some Guidelines for Appropriate and Inappropriate Sounds to Make in Lecture”

With classes now in full swing, it has become fairly apparent in every lecture who the people are that have decided to challenge the widely accepted custom that lecture is a time to shut up and pretend to learn. 280 more words


My dreams stink

Everyone dreams. As kids we dreamed of being a fireman, nurse, or a famous rock/pop star. As we age our dreams change to wanting to be successful, happy, or rich. 424 more words

Daily Life

11-20-15 Owl In The Sauna

there was once a man who went to a sauna,

siesta-ed his tummy in a cedar cabana,

threw up his legs,

trumpeted a fews bad eggs, 54 more words

Addendum: Night 1

Tonight, I was moved to the Cardiology ward.

The chap who distributes the custard arrived and said it was time to move.

The staff at the AAU had made much of the cardiology ward. 835 more words

curious case of the sleep farts

Marriage is awesome. Not only do you get to share everything in your life with someone, cook for them, and clean up after them. It also gives you the chance to come to terms with things that embarrass the hell out of you. 289 more words


the dream of shame

In this dream, I carried a cushion around with me everywhere I went for ultimate comfort. Unfortunately, it was a whoopee cushion, so every time I sat down, a massive fart sound was released. 20 more words