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Is Farting Healthy

Is farting healthy? Of course, farting is a healthy normal part of the food digestion process. Farting releases built up gasses from the intestines into the bowel region where it is excreted into the air via the bottom. 36 more words

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A Fart for Halloween?

“I want to be a FART for Halloween” announced 4 year old Mr E at the breakfast table this morning. Yes, toilet humour has well and truly landed in our household with the twins now blaming each other for any noises or smells that aren’t easily explained. 485 more words


Leave Me A Note

Every now and again you come across an organic connection in The City of Angels.

I had just finished a morning of self maintainence at the nail salon and headed to my next destination at Topanga Mall. 835 more words

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And these are the days of our lives... 

While sorting through the bullshit of Tinder, a few more potentials surface.

Let’s meet Keith.

Keith is a 39 year old writer who lives in Santa Monica. 554 more words


The Aussie...

Let’s be honest, Keith was a bore.

But the Aussie? He was fun. Toby is from Austrailia (if calling him ‘the Aussie’ didn’t give it away). 593 more words

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Methane Gas Fart

Can you smell the methane gas fart that I just released into the air? Methane gas produced by animals is a significant contributor to the build-up of greenhouse gasses in the upper atmosphere. 44 more words

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Gassy Farts

Gassy farts are super noisy, sometimes almost wet sounding along with a smelly Sulphur emission, similar to the smell of rotten eggs. No one likes to be around when someone lets off a few gassy farts, so it is best to do them outside in the fresh air. 40 more words

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