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A Wee Tip.

Just a brief rambly thing that I have to get off of my chest…

But if you ever smell a fart, as nasty as it may be, don’t be a d*** by then discussing it with the next person while the suspect is literally behind you, especially if the suspected person appears to be evidently shy (basing that off how quiet they are!), this is NOT cool…I mean, neither are farts but sometimes it can’t be helped, you know. 92 more words

I read somewhere that farts cure Cancer

Believe it or not there were a number of articles based on this premise that became widely circulated across the internet. TIME magazine wrote a “well researched” piece loosely based on a scientific study related to hydrogen sulphide gas and its effect on cells. 631 more words

The Lard Is Good to Me

Today I chopped up an apple and tried to log into my “nutrition” app on my iPhone. It is quite difficult to determine exactly how large an apple a person has. 878 more words


First blog post

Are you kidding? I wanted to start a brand new blog, on a different platform, I crack my knuckles (not really) (not just then, anyway) and hit Start and somehow I already had a post up then. 186 more words


Climbing in the bouquet, Spock made an important discovery that he suspected might help with the biological problem Jayne was having. He was sure ingesting these flowers would render Jayne’s farts inert.


When you’re a kid man, nothing matters other than what you deem important in that split second of your thought process. Sky is blue, sky has become cloudy, rain coming, and wow, look for that next adventure that you want to conquer. 673 more words