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Oxytocin Anyone?

I m fascinated by this…and how the lack of seems to possibly connect to some of my stuff (particularly inability to connect with others or have good feelings through human connection, but also my pain stuff). 65 more words


Achilles was fascinated by the activity and the two dogs in a neighbour’s yard. He sat watching for over ten minutes. Then he lay down and watched for some minutes longer. 7 more words


Light up. BUTT-er cup!

Last night, like most nights, I put out the lights as I prepared myself to drift off to the land of nod. (I kind of have this problem with falling asleep quite instantly) As I gazed into the darkness that engulfed me, I sensed that the light of my router was being reflected on the mirror, a little yellowish-greenish light blinking away. 249 more words

Musings Of A Drifter..

World Records

  1. World Record: Stretchiest skin

  2. The world record holder: GARRY TURNER.
  3. When was the record set: 29 October 1999
  4. Longest snake in Captivity
  5. i am fascinated by this world record because it makes you wonder if a snake was found that is 25ft 2in is it possible to find other types of animals that are larger then what they should be.
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'Infinite Jest': the literary test.

“Don’t do it”       “You can’t do it”       “You’ll never finish”      

” *I* never finished”  

“It’s impossible”       “Bet?!”       “Let’s talk in 6 months!”

Alright, let’s.

The way everyone speaks about ‘Infinite Jest’ both scares and fascinates me. 865 more words

Gladys Knight & The Pips - Help Me Make It Through The Night Remix by Anton Zap

Gladys Knight & The Pips – Help Me Make It Through the Night remix by Anton Zap

Check out this groovy remix by Anton Zap… 24 more words