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Fascinated by: Huge, Inc.

This post will be brief. Today, I am fascinated by this “Article” posted by Huge, Inc. I suppose it could be said that today I am fascinated by everything about Huge, Inc. 41 more words

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Words with ใ- (9) หลงใหล//lŏng lăi

To be crazy about, to be infatuated with, to be fascinated in. It is typically used in a more formal context or written language.

เขาหลงใหลในธรรมชาติ เขาจึงอยากไปใช้ชีวิตอยู่ท่ามกลางหุบเขาหลังจากที่เขาเกษียณอายุการทำงาน

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Mid exam week blog

Although I still follow my bits and bobs of my exam ‘superstitions’, one of them keeping myself silent for the whole week – but instead I made an exception this time, I shall post a blog two days before my next exam! 625 more words