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I Just Want To See

I just want to see


Over there

Out there

On the other side.

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Are Essential Oils Edible?

Are you fascinated by the world of essential oils? Which ones are edible? What recipes can you make? Find the answers here!http://bit.ly/2z302QP


We’re fascinated by the words.

but where we meet

is in the silence

behind them.

~~ Ram Dass

Ram Dass  /  Richard Alpert;(  April 6, 1931, born in a Jewish family) is an American spiritual teacher and  author of the  book – “Be Here Now” .  24 more words


Tour in Windsor - Berkshire, England

I was very impressed by George’s Hall room part of State Apartments from Windsor Castle – Is a masterpiece! I was also very happy to see a Dragon in that room (of course was a statue) :) – I could not go out from that room , I feel it I want to stay there forever. 58 more words

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via Daily Prompt: Enamored

Simon is a friend from way back, and a good friend, someone who takes and interest in your life and introduces you to his world as well. 188 more words



Don’t ask why… Not too long ago I drove into a right lane and heard loud sounds piercing through my windows. Looking over, there were two Canadian Geese standing near the curb. 94 more words