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Why the World Is Still Fascinated with Astrology - Published on Aug 2016

In the third episode of The Chosen Ones, host Gavin Haynes dives into the world of horosqcope-obsessed astrologists based in his London hometown.

No matter how developed a society becomes, no matter how much they give rights to gays or develop nuclear fusion technologies, the idea of a future written in stars has been surprisingly potent to all sorts of people who are otherwise brain surgeons or lawyers or run F500 companies. 64 more words

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Freestyle Friday: "Fascinated"

This is the second post in a biweekly series. Read about the series — and just what we mean by “freestyle music” — here. Freestyle Fridays post on the first and third Fridays of each month.  703 more words


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The time God revealed himself to a philosophy guy!

Yesterday I went with some friends to do some outreach ministry in the town of Harrow. There were six of us and we split into groups of two. 849 more words

We all have values at any given point and time of our life that shape moments, decisions, how we interact with people, treat ourselves and approach life.

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