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Fascinating Fiction


Today, (24th May 2014) is exactly twenty years since I tentatively started a conversation with my mother that turned out to be such an extraordinary event that, inevitably, would turn all our lives upside down.   250 more words

Fascinating Fiction


May Day 2014 and my penultimate post.

I wonder if the word recompense is the right one for me to use.  Did I want to make amends for deeds done, an exoneration, a forgiveness?  208 more words

Fascinating Fiction

Brief Encounter

How do you pick yourself up after such a life changing , dramatic event? How can you even begin to regain your self esteem after such mental trauma? 451 more words

Fascinating Fiction

The denouement ...?

On page 262, (paperback) the truth is finally revealed.

The denouement.

In this instance the revelation and circumstances of what actually happened became the start of a completely new chapter for me. 205 more words

Fascinating Fiction

Remember me?

It’s a weird thing – the past. Take a song. It can suddenly bring back a moment of remembrance of a scene, a person, or even just a face. 416 more words

Fascinating Fiction

Murder she wrote

Death comes, sometimes, as an unwelcome stranger. Why are we still surprised and shocked when someone we know dies? It is as if it should not happen. 295 more words

Fascinating Fiction