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The Real Problem we will have to face together to Survive = Fascism

Fascism is formally called “Autoritarianism” (= preference of a central strong man hierarchical rule;  does that ring a bell?). Somebody who saw it rising to power in 1932 was the idealistic communist lady Clara Zetkin. 2,010 more words

Pro-Assad Conspiracy Theories add to Syrian Suffering.

As more and more news about the plight of Ghouta reaches the world people are deeply concerned.

Al Jazeera reports,

More than 440 civilians have died in just six days in Eastern Ghouta alone.

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European Left

Youtube Deleted The Richie Allen Show Channel

February 22, 2018  /  Gilad Atzmon

GA: Earlier this evening, Youtube deleted The Richie Allen Show channel, one of the best internet program on the net. 954 more words

AngloZionist Empire

What is the role of interpretive art in right-wing populism?

Does art that uses “problematic” imagery or aesthetics open to interpretation allow far-right populism to flourish? Should we censor art in the name of combating it? 403 more words


the Horseshoe Theory ... or How I Learned Not to Blame All My Problems on the Jews and How I Learned to Blame All My Problems on White Men

It’s a brave new world out there – it’s a fat, green-haired, in-your-face gay world, so that makes it brave, ironically so for a nation that has injected military propaganda into literally every facet of its citizen’s lives. 1,200 more words

The uproar over bump stocks

To the uninitiated, this device sounds like a doomsday weapon. It isn’t. What it does is turn an accurate rifle into a means of wasting ammo and avoid hitting what one claims to be the target. 191 more words