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Hiding in plain sight: how the 'alt-right' is weaponizing irony to spread fascism | Technology | The Guardian

Author Alexander Reid Ross agrees that irony has been deployed by the far right in chipping away at whatever prohibitions have existed around publicly adopting far-right politics. 145 more words


Trump's Praise of Duterte's 'Genocide,' Offers Proof of his Lack of Apathy for the American People

It’s no longer a hidden fact that the world leaders Trump admires most are fascist, and fail to serve their nation’s people; they rule them. He has frequently offered praise for Vladimir Putin. 308 more words

Stilton's Place

Stilton’s Place

Manchester Terror

It’s happened again, as we all knew it would and, sadly, know it will again. A casual outing, a sudden explosion, and the death of innocents at the hands of a lunatic following an insane ideology.

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'I ❤ MCR'.

‘I ❤ MCR’: thousands gather at Manchester attack vigil

Thousands of people waving “I heart Manchester” placards gathered in the city’s centre on Tuesday evening to show the victims of the arena atrocity that wherever they are from, “they are…

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AWL statement: Against the terrorists, fight to rebuild hope


From the Alliance for Workers Liberty:

Only a rebirth of social hope can cut the roots of the vindictiveness-obsessed, death-obsessed political-Islamist movements.

The bombing at the Manchester Arena, which as we go to press has killed 22 and injured 59, has been claimed by Daesh as its own. 637 more words

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Notes on Tyranny, from Timothy D. Snyder

History can familiarize, and it can warn.

I was making my way through the fog this morning, both literally (hello, Karl the Fog) and mentally when suddenly, I got updates that martial law was declared in the entire island of Mindanao in the Philippines.

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