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Snowflakes on Parade

These delicates can’t be allowed to pick out a costume for Halloween lest they run afoul of some PC regulation concerning ‘Cultural Appropriation’. Why don’t they all co nekkid with their naughty bits flopping about in the chilly night time air. 251 more words


How Does One Separate Slut from Rut in Harvey Weinstein's World?

How hungry for advancement in the American entertainment world is the climbing “star” willing to be to endure an event with Harvey Weinstein or his professional kin? 302 more words

American Culture

89. DAYBREAK (Al-Fajr, Sura 89, 30 Verses, Makkan)

In the Name of God, the Lord of Mercy, the Giver of Mercy.

By the Daybreak, by the Ten Nights, by the even and the odd, by the passing night – is this oath strong enough for a rational person? 241 more words

Chapters 78-114

Inside the mind of a Dictator

Have you ever wondered what is going on inside the mind of a dictator (perhaps you know but haven’t achieved absolute power just yet)! Well this week, you can take a peek into the mind of Benito Mussolini. 64 more words