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Video Interview with Hex, IWW/GDC member and UW-Seattle Shooting Survivor

Talking Stick TV, has released a video version of a previously-shared interview with Hex, who was shot in an act of political violence on the University of Washington, Seattle campus, on January 20. 158 more words


Hindu nationalists, led by Narendra Modi, crack down on religious liberty

This was reported by the Daily Signal.


In a sad development, the government of India is clamping down on religious liberty, and impoverished children stand to lose the most.

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The legal imagination

I have the right to remain silent (2017). Oil on canvas by Albert Barqué-Duran.

Hypotheticals, fantastical beings, and a fictional omnibus: legal reasoning is made supple by its use of the imagination…

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ON TYRANNY – Twenty Lessons from the 20th Century

I love the way the obscene word ‘TRUMP’ doesn’t appear once in Timothy Snyder’s book (Bodley Head 2017 ISBN 9781847924889) which is clearly directed that way. 691 more words


The Mystic Shaping Russia's Future and Bringing Back the Dark Ages

WHAT IF I TOLD YOU there was a wizard determining the foreign policy of a nation of 143 million people? That his stated goals were the re-establishment of a caste-based system spanning the breadth of the largest landmass on Earth? 2,984 more words


Part Three: Can we learn from history? Perhaps the question is what can we learn from history? Or why don’t we learn from history?

Recent visits to Auschwitz-Birkenau and Schindler’s Factory in Poland have deepened my personal fears about where my country, and the world at large, are headed. 817 more words

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