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The red state governors want to deny it, but it is getting really bad with hospitals nearly overwhelmed

Note to staff at a Houston safety net hospital:

-50% of new COVID tests coming back positive
-No more ICU beds
-No more remdesivir
-No more convalescent plasma…

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The Threat of Fascism in Vienna is Real and it is Here

-Reporting from Vienna-

What has been happening in Vienna, Austria these past few days has shown once again how real and dangerous fascism is. No matter where it is, or where it’s from, and how little it concerns the political class and its executive arm so long as they can’t be called out for it . 1,969 more words

Theoretical Pieces/ Analysis

Existentialism, War, and Fascism

I have explored the actual intellectual currents and heritage of fascism in a series of posts here.  The fact is, most of the people whom are called “fascist” are not fascist.   1,349 more words


Fascist vs Liberal

The real difference between the Fascist Right and the Moderate Liberal isn’t their political agendas and manifestos.
It doesn’t lie in whether they endorse or abhor reservation, whether they uphold or reject caste system. 432 more words


Quora Question: What is the difference between fascism and a dictatorship?

I probably didn’t craft the best answer, but here’s what I came up with for that question:

What is the difference between fascism and a dictatorship? 160 more words