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Is the issue the American people or capitalism?

John Pilger, ‘The Issue is Not Trump, It is Us’ counterpunch, 17.01.17

On the day President Trump is inaugurated, thousands of writers in the United States will express their indignation.   2,189 more words

Capitalist Ideology

Marine Le Pen claims ‘Anglo Saxon world waking up’ as Europe’s far-right parties meet after Trump inauguration

France’s presidential candidate Marine Le Pen has told a far-right conference “2016 was the year the Anglo Saxon world woke up”. The Front National leader was among anti-immigration and populist parties who gathered at a conference dubbed the “European counter-summit” in Koblenz in Germany. 56 more words


anxiety + activism

dear reader,

the past few weeks have been worrying, terrifying, and exhausting, all at once- sentiments shared by at least slightly more than half the country. 1,228 more words

College Life

The Inauguration: An Observer View

Today’s email from a respected friend calls attention to a British opinion piece on the American Inauguration.

Today I wish I could find a single line in this post-inaugural Guardian piece (God, even a phrase) that strikes me as false.

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Marilyn Armstrong reblogged this on SERENDIPITY and commented:

Clearly the most important part of this piece is the link to the article in the Guardian. It is a well-written, thorough, and thoughtful piece. Wherever you stand on the political spectrum, you should consider reading it. Also, keep in mind that this is a British newspaper, so this is from a U.K. perspective.

Women's March 2017

Some images from Rhode Island, USA – Women’s March. My wife Linda and I join the Resistance.


I'm Not Here for Your "Alternative Facts"

No, Sean Spicer. You can’t, “sometimes, disagree with the facts.”

No, Kellyanne Conway. He didn’t present “alternative facts,” because there is no such thing.

I am not here for that shit, and I am not going to listen to it. 857 more words

You Christofascist, You

We can take it as a given that everyone who isn’t a crawling squid of a liberal is going to be called a fascist, Hitler, hater and biggit, etc. 241 more words