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If You Doubt that the First Amendment is Under Attack: Read This

California, Illinois, Michigan, Louisiana, and Wisconsin are all considering legislation which would ban demonstrations by students on college campuses. If they violate the law, they will face expulsion. 545 more words

Lincoln is Hitler

If Hitler had won, should the world just get over it? Lincoln was the same sort of tyrant, and personally responsible for the deaths of over 800,000 Americans in a war that was unnecessary and unconstitutional.

6 more words

On the conundrum of patriotism and Brexit

There is little a Tory MP can do to shock me these days, but the dubious honour of achieving precisely that goes to Andrea Leadsom MP… 460 more words


A Kind Review of International Communist Democrat, Obama Funder George Soros

The major of all funders of things Socialist-Communist Left in our America’s now fascistic Democrat Party, is Hungarian immigrant billionaire, George Soros.

Please read the following rather gentle, cuddly  account of well known communist George  Soros’   record devoted to    destroy  democracy in America: 732 more words


Important info: The fascist suppression of opposition to 5G technology rollout & what you're not being told

Thanks to thecontrail for this link. It comes from Josh del Sol, creator of the award winning doco ‘Take Back Your Power’ a must watch on the topic of radiation and the harm it can do to you. 527 more words