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Brimstone Madness on Election Night: Chapter III


Oh shit…At that moment I knew I needed to leave. I could see it in the rustling of the eyes of every single freak in the room. 2,274 more words


Jonathan Jennings, Swansea Crown Court update.

Bore dda! Today Jonathan Jennings who comes from the cwm near Llanelli pleaded not guilty to some real charges (hate speech, free speech) and some fake ones, … 9 more words

ZuckFace and Twitler Aren't Shy About Taking Sides

Occupy Democrats Parody
May 21, 2018

The left have been throwing very public temper tantrums over Social Media monopolies failure to do even more to target conservatives for censorship.  89 more words


The claims based on non-facts of history, and hatred are sign of Fascism!

The inspiration for this title is the banner below.

At the Greek capital, Athens, held a ceremony marking the “May 19th, genocide of the Pontian Greeks”. 1,061 more words


Anti-Semitism, The Weapon Of Israel: Words, Fascism, And Gaza

The Jewish tradition, from which I am proudly descended, is unique in Western theology – a credit, perhaps, to its tremendous age.  The story of Judaism since the Diaspora is not of Gods, Men, and their Covenant, but a story of dialog, in which spirituality is not an undefinable experience but instead rests in the profundity and weight of each word.  2,828 more words

Brimstone Madness on Election Night: Chapter II


The windows down, my wind-swept hair entering into my vision as I escaped the prison that the Independent Liberals electoral HQ is. 1,959 more words


At least he made the trains run on time ...

Wish I had a nickel, dime or whatever for every time I’ve heard somebody excusing Mussolini’s fascist coup by referring to those timely trains. Which may be why I was so gob-smacked by Republican Senator Roy Blunt’s comments when asked to react to the fact that the current occupant of the White House lies consistently. 539 more words