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The Brief Life and Private Death of Alexandria Hill

When the government took her from her family, it outsourced her safety to a for-profit corporation. Nine months later she was dead. —By Brian Joseph 

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The Net Neutrality Debate Proves The Opinions Are Far From Informed

by Mark St.Cyr • February 27, 2015

As many of you know the FCC approved what is now considered the greatest change in the fundamental underpinnings of how the internet will be both used as well as “allowed” to be used. 200 more words

American Fascism

Link - Re. Red Brown Green Syndicate - Ref. The Spectator

The Kremlin doesn’t invent anti-European or anti-establishment ideas, it simply supports them in whatever form they exist, customising their tactics to suit each country. They’ll support the far left or the far right — in Greece they support both. 463 more words

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Chicago’s Abu Ghraib

by Andre Damon
February 27, 2015
World Socialist Web Site

In April 2004, the world was shocked and horrified by the release of photographs of sadistic torture carried out by US military personnel at the Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq. 1,041 more words


Pop Quiz: How Many Constitutional Rights Have We Lost?

By WashingtonsBlog
February 27, 2105
Washington’s Blog

How Many Constitutional Freedoms Have We Lost?

This post explains the liberties guaranteed in the Bill of Rights – the first 10 amendments to the United States Constitution – and provides a scorecard on the extent of the loss of each right. 3,076 more words


Independent autopsy finds Zambrano-Montes was shot twice from behind

Notes on police violence in America:

By Evan Blake
February 27, 2015
World Socialist Web Site

On Thursday, the results of an independent autopsy of Antonio Zambrano-Montes, 35, revealed that he was shot up to seven times, with at least two entrance wounds on the back of his body, while he was unarmed and running away from police in Pasco, Washington on February 10. 1,035 more words