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I don’t know
if I would be
any good
at genocide

I do hate
but probably
nothing like

to kill women…

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Yesterday's joke protest sign just became today's reality

Tomorrow I’m going to a protest against the forcible separation of immigrant children from their families. When I started thinking about what sign to make… 429 more words

Like Hitler, Trump has Lieutenants; Trump's are Republican Politicians

Don’t doubt this fact; our nation is in a second Civil War. This time it is between patriotic progressives Americans, and Trump’s fascist army. The current administration is filled with racists, bigots, and dedicated white supremacists. 293 more words

We are in the Age of Reckoning for White People

We are living in dangerous times now in America.  We have a government who is willing to separate children from their families.  To keep those crying and distraught children passive, the government is even willing to administer powerful antipsychotics to these children to keep them docile and more manageable.  1,012 more words

American Politics

video: Protest Outside Kirstjen Nielsen's Home

Protesters outside Department of Homeland Security Secretary Kjierstjen Njielsjen earlier today. Story at Splinter News.

This is what needs to happen. These people should not be allowed to lead normal lives until they have been tried for crimes against humanity. 151 more words


Trump Administration dehumanizes victims to justify border atrocities

By far the biggest story in national headlines this week was the Trump Administration’s policy of splitting up families crossing the southern border without authorization. Following a… 1,037 more words


“Profiles in Cowardice”

Why is our government completely dysfunctional? That’s an easy question to answer. We now have a one-party system, and that one party is failing the American people. 570 more words