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Vice’s documentary on Charlottesville is really worth watching - Vox

If there was any doubt about what kind of person went to protest in Charlottesville, Virginia, over the weekend, Vice News’s documentary should put those questions to rest: One side was white supremacists, some of whom openly endorsed violence. 18 more words


The shallowness of symbols

The culture war has gotten plenty of new kindling to burn in the form of a protest by a black man. In a totally non-violent, passive way, Kaepernick kneeled during the playing of the National Anthem. 1,659 more words

How I See The World

Echoes of Decades Past

Echoes of Decades Past

It has been a little over 72 years since the end of WWII. Since then regimes have risen and fallen. Ideologues have conquered and been defeated. 331 more words


Merkel under pressure to soften position on murder in wake of elections

Berlin: The newly-reelected German Chancellor Angela Merkel is facing increased pressure to revise her government’s stance on murder in the wake of the Bundestag election results. 287 more words


Dataist Reformation Revisited: Technocratic Tyranny or Digital Deliverance?

A little over a year ago, I wrote a piece in response to David Runciman’s review of Yuval Noah Harari’s book Homo Deus. In it, I argued that Runciman was manufacturing paranoia about the so-called “dataists” of Silicon Valley in order to advance the standard progressive narrative that is The Guardian’s raison d’être. 1,463 more words

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Open letter to the conservatives...

I write this post because I’m sick about all the wave of bad feeling that is nowadays growing around the world. Rich people who let the middle class think that poor people is the enemy. 326 more words

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