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CP of Greece, Speech of the KKE at a meeting on Anti-communism [En]

(…)”From the anti-communist memorandum of the Council of Europe in 2005 to the motion of the European Parliament in 2009 about “European Consciousness and Totalitarianism”, the proclamation by the EU of the 23rd of August as a “day of memory for the victims of Nazism and Stalinism”, the attempt to transform the 9th of May from being a day to celebrate Anti-fascist Victory of the Peoples into a “day of Europe”, i.e. 146 more words

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Twitter 27 - Erdoğan

Erdogan interpreterà un film intitolato 'Golpe su Golpe'. Il cattivo non sarà Erdogan, visto che lo produrrà lui. #fascism #golpe

— Claudio CrimiTrigona (@Crimiclaudio) July 20, 2016


Twitter 25 - Ritorno al passato

Colpo di stato, terrorismo, razzismo, fascismo.
Ci fosse anche la lotta di classe si potrebbe pensare a un viaggio nel tempo, agli anni '70.

— Claudio CrimiTrigona (@Crimiclaudio) July 18, 2016