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Why the regression of ‘freedom of speech’ is a step back in the pursuit of societal civility (Opinion Piece)

Free speech and freedom of expression have been fought over for millennia. Breaking free from the shackles of an authoritarian regime and establishing freedoms and civil liberties on human interaction is what much of the western world desire. 855 more words


Duke University bans Christian club for adhering to Christian principles

Duke University… I remember blogging about them before. The first time, they falsely accused members of their lacrosse team of rape. The second time, a gay Duke University employee was arrested for… 597 more words


Argentina Reels from Soy and Beef Expansion

Toward Freedom

Record yields of soy and a boom in Argentine beef sales to China have been accompanied by the loss of native forests, accelerated soil degradation and water pollution – the consequence of a model that pins hopes of limitless macroeconomic growth on agricultural exports. 168 more words


Francis "beto" O'Rourke


Without the 2nd all the others fall and we will quickly become like Venezuela or worse.

Anti-Trump Democrats

On Fascism and Right-Wing Populism, By Absalom Sink✢

In years past, when I was a much younger man of more active politics, I, like many of my peers, had the habit of leaning on a particular word when describing those deemed far to… 884 more words

2. Defining Terms

....Also My Enemy

The Rules Have Changed.

The Friend Of My Enemy,

Is Also My Enemy.

Fascists are my enemy.

Racists are my enemy.

White supremacists,

Are my enemy. 28 more words

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‘We believe in ending all deportations’ – our birthday message to British Airways


In the run-up to British Airways (BA)’s 100th birthday this August, the airline ran an advertising campaign centred around 100 “love-letters” to Britain from staff, celebrities, and the public. 149 more words