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Kurdish Solidarity Cymru. Decentralised Day of Action in Solidarity with the Kurdish Hunger strikers

Kurdish Solidarity Cymru call on you to support a boycott of Turkish holidays in solidarity with Kurdish hunger strikers. Please join us for a decentralised day of action on the 4th of May. 438 more words


Arditi del Popolo– the first anti-fascist organization (1921-22) from Aotearoa Workers Solidarity Movement

Founded in Rome at the end of June 1921 from a split in the Associazione Nazionale Arditi d’Italia by the anarchist Argo Secondari.

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When is Conservatism Not Conservatism, but is Fascism?

What makes a Conservative a Conservative? The actual “causal factor” is the level of Spirituality possessed by a person’s Soul… and of course this is an Esoteric thing, and thus, it is not something the brain would be able to know.  838 more words



Words applied to political social systems have become colloquialisms that everyone has a moralistic understanding of: fascism is bad; socialism has come to mean good. But all present day governments have shown features of both the bad and the good. 130 more words



The so-called Antifa likes to think of itself as anti-fascist. This couldn’t be more ironic as the Antifa through its beliefs, words and actions are the biggest fascists in the world. 134 more words

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