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Facebook and Google removing content that harms Democrat party

There were a few interesting stories about Big Technology companies censoring content critical of the Democrat party. The first one involves Facebook censoring two anti-Biden ads. 703 more words


Kill Franco!

Stuart Christie recounts the anti-Fascist resistance in post war Spain, including his own attempt to assassinate the dictator Francisco Franco.


Barr Wants to Charge Protestors with Sedition

According to the principles expressed in our Constitution, trying to limit citizens’ freedom of speech and the right to assemble is, in essence, sedition. Trump and Barr are the ones who should be charged with treason.

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Barr is Coming Unhinged

#Barr is just slavishly following #Trump‘s orders. He knows that it is useless to charge people with crimes when they didn’t commit them. Barr knows protests are not sedition.

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My Take on a Toggle in Human Psychology

I have studied history somewhat and, like you, it has always amazed me that people like Jim Jones & Hitler can have such fanatical followings. My theory is that there is some kind of switch in the human mind that some people recognize and know how to flip it for their purposes.

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The Assassination of Rama 10

Sikorsky drew deeply on the Black Sobranie Kingsize, the glow on the black shaft bright in twilight greys. This vintage interrogator, schooled in the reek of blood, sweat and fear, momentarily remembered his top floor days in the Lubyanka. 2,068 more words