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I did Nazi that coming...

Donald Trump (r), after yesterday’s Nuremberg rally where he incited the crowd:

Donald J. Trump @realDonaldTrump
Just returned to the White House from the Great State of North Carolina.

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American Dark Money Funds Europe’s Far Right/Populist Politicians

Pier Marco Tacca/Getty

❝ Five years ago, Matteo Salvini stripped and posed half-naked for a series of “sexy” photos that were auctioned on eBay…Today, Salvini’s party has transformed itself into one of the most prominent nationalist movements in Europe (now known only as Lega).

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This is who the defenders of ANTIFA are supporting

A month ago I was reported to Facebook by an individual who didn’t like my response  to the comments he made about an article in  912 more words

Social Justice Warrior And Political Correctness

Trump Dependence Day

Remember when July 4th was Independence Day? It was a celebration commemorating the thirteen American colonies, united in freedom and independence from a tyrannical monarch, King George III. 470 more words