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Trump and his Circle of Sinners are now Isolated from every Real American in our Country: the White House Stands Alone in a Nation United by Compassion

For more than three years Trump attempted to isolate our nation from our closest allies. Today, after two enormous failures to address crises in America, our country and countries around the world are united in their demands for social justice, while expressing compassion for the family of George Floyd. 536 more words

Is 1984 Finally Here?

Every record has been destroyed or falsified, every book rewritten, every picture has been repainted, every statue and street building has been renamed, every date has been altered. 544 more words


Serious Warning from Retired Generals: Trump’s Abuse of Executive Powers

During the last week Trump abused his powers with an act of domestic terrorism, and threatened another. On Monday evening, Trump ordered capitol police and members of the national guard to remove a crowd of peaceful protesters from Lafayette Park by force. 455 more words

Read This Information About How False Religion Perpetuates Fascism, Racism and Genocide.

By the time most children in America and Europe are old enough to understand their own native languages, they will have heard of the term ‘God’. 660 more words

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General "mad dog" Mattis tears Trump a new one

Former Defense Secretary Jim Mattis issued an extraordinary criticism of wannabe dictator Trump’s leadership in a statement published in The Atlantic on Thursday.

Here is the full text of the retired Marine general’s statement: 666 more words


ICE is Trump’s ‘Gestapo,’ what will we Call his Martial Law Force? Maybe “Trump’s Traitors?”

Trump approves of violence, as long as he is not involved; he is a coward. For days he has complained about the protests across America, this time focusing on the occasional violence by ignorant young men and Trump’s white supremacist groups. 230 more words

How to Create a Fascist State: Donald Trump’s Playbook

I repeat myself often: Trump is not an American and cannot claim the title of President of the United States. First, he does not represent all 320 million people: he chooses to serve only those who support him. 738 more words