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Peaceful Protests Met With Violence

Eight days ago George Floyd was murdered by four Minneapolis policemen: two held his body in place, one stood guard to make sure no one would help him, and the fourth used his knee to strangle him. 1,567 more words


Skinhead Bashing

The skinhead bashing bag lady from Vaxjo Sweden is back in the news, making America great again.  A skinhead is a bigot is a fascist.

Political Art

Covid Metamorphoses #45 - Revolution

A history of white rioting in America.

White people have rioted because their favorite sports team won. They have rioted because their favorite sports team lost. 1,315 more words


Trump Lacks Sufficient Intelligence to Bully Me: Why does his Party Allow the Schoolyard Bully to Embarrass Them?

Trump is a fool. Every time he speaks or tweets, he reveals that his mental abilities are in decline. His “Art of the Deal” is to bully his adversaries. 610 more words


Yahoo”NEWS” Trump defeat, May 20th, 2020

It is tactical, the stories liberal media propagates.

This day, May 20th, 2020, with a simple opening of a new window for a yahoo search, one headline and a number of lesser articles, catches my ire. 1,397 more words

Current Commentary

Trump is a Fascist

So he ( trump ) has infiltered my tech podcast’s when he said he want to investigate Google and Facebook and Twitter as being far right liberal. 21 more words