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Forgive Me, I Have Seriously Had Enough Of These Morons

In a moment of overwhelming clarity, lucidity,
sensing the indescribable vastness around us,
and the infinities that bookend our existence,
appreciating the endless variety of life on Earth, 168 more words


Hoover Institution: Uncommon Knowledge: Peter Robison Interviewing Harvey Mansfield: The New Left on Campus

Damn! Some of my Far-Left followers and I do have some aren’t going to like this piece, but sometimes the truth hurts. I actually agree with Peter Robinson and Harvey Mansfield here and both of them are way to the Right of me. 354 more words


Up and Open's Channel: Video: Christopher Hitchens on The Left's Hypocrisy

I actually agree with every point that Chris Hitchens made in this short video except for one point. And that is probably the closest that I’ve ever come to completely agreeing with Chris Hitchens on anything. 380 more words