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I am pissed beyond belief
It seems there’s no relief
To the ignorance, in people’s minds, locking them to see
From but, one perspective
Like, nothing is subjective… 429 more words


Democrat Fascism: 90 Groups Targeted in Frivolous "Climate Change" Racketeering Lawsuit

Democrats really are fascists. And for you low information leftist readers, I am not talking about Hitler, Il Duce, the final solution, the holocaust, etc…. I am talking about fascist ideology, big difference, and that ideology is what drives the Democrat Party as evidenced by a consorted effort of Democrat governors and attorney’s general regarding the nonexistent climate change which has always been a theory, never proven science. 562 more words


Ideology of Poetry

“They do not know it, but they are doing it”
So poetry must be this
Same kind of ideology
Where intent and significance are bled out completely… 113 more words


Nazism, Zionism and Hindutva

To admire Nazism and Zionism simultaneously would be referred to as the highest form of paradox anywhere in the world!
But only when you have no knowledge about both. 126 more words

On the Preparations for the War

Original: Colonel Cassad
Translated by Alexander Fedotov

By the way, about the war, about its beginning. Look at the dates in the screenshots.

Very interesting screenshots I found yesterday on the internet. 270 more words


First Novel

Stonechild Volunteers takes an individual born into primitive circumstances uniquely equipping him for imminent hazards.

Added to the experience base of trapper, fur-trader he  possesses another asset, the gift of language prodigy. 47 more words

Writing Process

Anti-Fascists Fascists.

ANTIFA – the Anti-Fascist movement. Or as I like to call them……

ANTIFA – All Natural Treatment Involving Fellatio Addiction.

This group I like to call the ‘fellatios’ are behaving in a manner exactly what they are demonstrating against – Fascism. 195 more words