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Public Service Announcement

Remember: Anti-Fascists are Fascists, too. It’s OK to despise both.

The Black Bloc and Free Speech

Over the last week, we’ve seen several violent clashes between Nazis and counterprotesters. (Nazis might call themselves “alt-right,” “white separatists,” etc. Rather than give any credence to such rebranding, we’re calling them what they are: Nazis.) 710 more words


Left, Right: Marching In Step With Your Enemy

Beware! Nazis!

Nazi Germany was built in part on fantasy propaganda, of an idillic Europe of kings, knights, glory and honour. They turned a grimy bloody history that makes Game of Thrones look glamorous into a Disney fantasy. 2,345 more words

Critical Thinking

The Left Wing False Flag is Working

Multiple eyewitness accounts, including ones from police officers, have shown that Virginia’s Governor and Charlottesville’s Mayor colluded to foment the violence in that city. The confrontation was intentionally set up for the New Brownshirts of the Democratic Party (antifa) to attack the universally denounced and unpopular neo-nazis (left wing socialists) and KKK (military wing of the Democratic Party). 164 more words


Donald and Bibi - two birds of a feather

Why can’t Trump give a full-throttle denunciation of the white supremacists, the KKK, and the neo-Nazis who violently marched through Charlottesville last weekend, killing a young anti-Fascist protester… 217 more words


Shocking plans for more violence by US far-right are exposed

Chats and articles published by US fascists on the ‘dark web’ show they’re emboldened and encouraged by President Donald Trump’s latest (unscripted) speech about the tragic… 67 more words

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Antifa - International, Violent, Communist Gang (Slideshow)

Antifa, supposedly anti-fascist, is a violent, international, communist organization that traces its roots back to Germany in the late 1920’s. It’s original goal was to replicate the USSR in Europe. 185 more words