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Ugly fat fucking fascist, capitalist, imperialist, White Man-Pigs rule the world and make it hell.

A frivolous society can only achieve dramatic significance through what it’s frivolity destroys….Edith Wharton

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This is exactly what needs to happen to Alt-Left thugs who threaten GOP lawmakers

(National SentinelCrime: For months reports have streamed in from across the country involving Alt-Left thuggish violence being committed against Republicans, conservatives and anyone else who supports President Donald J. 397 more words


“New normal” violence by the insane Marxist Left prove THEY are the merchants of hate and intolerance

(National SentinelActivism: The Left-wing political establishment consisting of the Democratic Party and its sycophantic allies in the press have begun a dangerous process that will have disastrous consequences for the future of our republic: They have launched a campaign of fear, intimidation and… 760 more words


Podcast: Fascists Don't Like Fun! With Dana Moxley Cummings

In this season 2 finale, the head honcho at Florida Libertarian PAC, Dana Moxley Cummings, comes on to discuss angry fascist fun killers, keyboard warriors, and homeschool adventures. 16 more words


French presidential race boiling over

Just as in America the leftwing press is portraying the leftwing Communist as a “centrist” and the rightwing capitalist as an “extremist.”

The difference between the two French candidates in their run-off for the presidency is stark.  289 more words


Left-Wing 'Anarchists' Denounce Fascism During May Day Riots

Black bloc protesters, and groups like Antifa, are spurring the growth of the progressive “Resistance” movement, which has declared an all-out war against President Trump and his supporters. 520 more words


Fierce Battle Erupts In Kremlin Over If To Charge Obama With War Crimes

[Katherine Frisk note: If I fully understand this,  what we have are the”communist” (socialist) Trotskyite on the left, basically Democrats and the fascist Nazis on the right, basically Republicans, setting Americans against each other. 1,466 more words