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"One Does Not Simply..."

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Or fascists, or a cult.


"The ANTIFA Plague"

Written by AgentBJ09 of GAB

Thursday, January 31st, 2017
Moon Phase – Waxing Crescent
3:41 p.m.

“Alt-Right Icon To Speak At Major University”

“News Editor Who Fancies Nazi Language, Supports White Supremacy, To Speak At UC Berkel” 7,559 more words


Festa della Repubblica

By the way, today is the Festa della Repubblica, the Italian national day. It is, as you can tell from the name, NOT unification day, when Italy became one country. 328 more words

Why We Fight

Video: Tucker Calls Out Liberal Fascism

I’ve been the target of the Left’s silence on more than one occasion, but regardless as to who you are and what you stand for, they don’t stop coming. 21 more words


Ad Hominem Attacks, Libel and the Power of Ignorance (and the Dangers of Trusting Disreputable Online Fact Checkers)

Duty to Warn

By Gary G. Kohls, MD – May 30, 2017

I dislike being duped by war-mongers, fascists, racists, politicians, the ultra-wealthy, narcissists, megalomaniacs, sociopathic entities, the over-privileged or anybody in a position of power and wealth that uses deception and lies in order to keep their power, wealth and “honor” intact. 3,263 more words


ze political comment no. 1

Ugly fat fucking fascist, capitalist, imperialist, White Man-Pigs rule the world and make it hell.

A frivolous society can only achieve dramatic significance through what it’s frivolity destroys….Edith Wharton

Ze Politics

This is exactly what needs to happen to Alt-Left thugs who threaten GOP lawmakers

(National SentinelCrime: For months reports have streamed in from across the country involving Alt-Left thuggish violence being committed against Republicans, conservatives and anyone else who supports President Donald J. 397 more words