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Quick Thought: I AM My Depression

I get it.

We want to feel like we fit in.

We want to be a part of a discussion.

We want to believe that “depression”, “anxiety”, ect. 573 more words

GOP Politicians Prove once again that They Are not real Republicans

James Comey has been a true Republican all of his life. His new book is being released and in it he criticizes Donald Trump. His new “Trump Party,” which calls themselves ‘Republicans,’ is manufacturing lies about Comey to protect their fuhrer. 421 more words

Freedom of Speech

It doesn’t exist. At least not in Australia. Technically, it is implied as a right by our constitution. Theoretically, it means one can say anything, and another can reply with anything. 267 more words


Trump Demands Unquestioning Loyalty; He is only Loyal to one thing; Devout Racism

Texas, which continues its efforts to become the most racist state in the union, has reportedly sent 250 National Guard troops to the Mexican border, against the wishes of the Pentagon. 366 more words

Are you a fascist?

“I thought I was just doing great with you!”

Apologies for the bad pun from Arthur.

But you see, fascists look just like you and me. 308 more words


Sexual Fascism

The debate about sex offenders seems to have taken adrift from criminal reforms to possibly a new form of sexual fascism.

Let’s be crystal clear that sex offender laws are created with fear-based rhetoric and political trepidation from both sides of the political spectrum. 694 more words


Chris Christie is a Douche Bag, but He's Right On about this One

“I don’t know how you survive this one.”

The former was a remark made by former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie on ABC’s “This Week” Sunday. 341 more words