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What is an American liberal?

In recent discussions about political ideologies with a friend, we talked of labels for left-wing, progressives. He believes the proper term for what many call… 692 more words

American Socialism

Great news: that puddle in your front yard is a federally protected waterway

This one has been coming down the pike for a while now, but there was apparently no way to avoid it. Multiple agencies of the Obama administration, primarily under the EPA, have announced their new Waters of the United States rules and added a variety of “bodies of water” to the existing protected waterways. And […] Read this post »

The importance of Tolerance

If there is anything the Left touts as it’s guidon, it is Tolerance. We hear that constantly how the rights of minorities MUST be observed. 107 more words

The Liberal Plantation

Mobius strip of stupidity

Sooner or later those that choose not to believe will have that come to Jesus moment, that moment of enlightenment. Unfortunately, it may happen too late. 418 more words


Laissez le bon temps rouler

You can be sure this didn’t make anyone on the DC City Council happy. Or for that matter, any Proggy politician who has his/her future tied to gun control. 409 more words

The Liberal Plantation

The line always forms to the Left

In a cashless society, you’ll have Government debit cards, in Government controlled bank accounts where your welfare and financial health will be handled by the Collective for Economic Affairs. 624 more words


Climate Foibles

When faced with facts this massive, now does one determine that the universe is wrong.

It have to take a bipolar mind to have that capacity. 536 more words

The Liberal Plantation