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Cable Street and its aftermath – how the Blackshirts tried and failed to build in London's East End

This week sees the 80th anniversary of the Battle of Cable Street in London. Gary McNally argues against a recent trend among historians to dismiss the antifascist demonstration as counterproductive.  1,449 more words


Bullying - Kaine Shows How It's Done

On full display last night was the left’s approach to dealing with their “political enemies.” These people have more interest in “dialog” with ISIS and terrorists in general rather than try to change hearts and minds on public policy matters. 420 more words

It's easy?

It’s easy to be a Hindu and criticise Islam.
It’s easy to be an Indian and talk about Baluchistan.
It’s easy to be an American and bash Israel. 128 more words

Paramilitary Organization Endorses Fascist; Nation Worries

Friday brought us the most frightening news of this terrible election season:

The National Fraternal Order of Police, a 330,000-member union of law enforcement officers, has endorsed Donald Trump for president. 481 more words


The Spanish Civil War: The 80th anniversary | REDFLAGFLYING

With all the various worthy and necessary commemorations about the centenary of the First World War, another anniversary has been sadly overlooked. The Spanish Civil War started in 1936, eighty yea… 9 more words

20th Century

An Absence of Hospitality

One of the unpleasant realities that I found while caravaning in this day and age is that a lot of the free-camping sites have been closed down and that even pulling up for a rest stop at a park or beach would draw antisocial behaviour from locals. 226 more words

“The Girl from the Paradise Ballroom” by Alison Love

“The Girl from the Paradise Ballroom” by Alison Love is a novel of the love between Olivia, a British ballroom dancer and Antonio, an Italian singer.  220 more words

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