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The New Incumbent: TRUMP

We are on the brink of a brand new American President for 2017 & there is wide enthusiasm as well as rampant anxiety between the people who WANT him & those who don’t.


The Verdict is in; Expensive Education directly results in a Retarded Ability to Recognize Irony

In what I predict will be a frequent demonstration of Parents wasting their money, we will be treated to Useful-Leftist-Anti-Free-Speech-Idiots violently protesting speakers with which they disagree and hilariously Calling them ‘Fascists’. 457 more words

On the Death of America

It Can’t Happen Here By Sinclair Lewis

While not Lewis’ best what with his sarcastic and sardonic style in highest dudgeon, it does remind readers just how thin the layers of democracy and civilization are, more easily than we care to believe blown away like topsoil during the Great Depression. 524 more words


Budapest Travel Guide - Neighbours From Hell

My eldest son offered to take me abroad for a few days as a thank-you for helping him with his business. The only provisos being that the return flight shouldn’t cost more than fifty quid and the beer should be no more than a pound a pint when we got there. 702 more words


Fearfully Bad Words


My last essay included a paragraph from a local professional writer who had a few colorful words to say about the incoming president.

I would like to examine these words a bit more closely to see if there is an antidote to the anger and despair that the writer exhibits. 336 more words

The image that won’t go away

A photo taken in 1985 has resurfaced this week. Kelly Grovier looks at the power of a figure pushed to breaking point.

Some images never go out of date. 229 more words