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Cartoon: same as it ever was

I had friends, kin, in the Allied force that invaded, confronted the German military ruling most of Europe till the crushing bonfire that was all that was left of Germany at the end of World War 2. 51 more words


Isn't this what our parents and grandparents fought against in World War II?

Let me see.  There was Hitler, a Nazi demagogue who sought to force his evil, hateful will on others.  And there was Mussolini, a Fascist demagogue who sought to force his evil, hateful will on others.  207 more words

Observations On Life

What I Feel I Must Do

I have never been a politically active person. There have been moments, perhaps, like my brief fascination with Marx and Engels in high school, which also coincided with my reading of the… 1,049 more words

Friends of Fascists

This is quite a challenge, for me as well, but….

I have decided to start a movement.

Friends of Fascists

I encourage everyone, especially minorities, to go out and make an effort to befriend a fascist. 177 more words

Trump's Aussie friends are a bunch of deplorables

Given the US election result, you might be in the mood for a joke; it goes like this.

Set Up: Which one of Australia’s biggest media bullies who pretends to moral outrage at the use of profanities has just broken their own rules.

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Is it Just me....?

Is it just me or has the world of words and definitions changed in the last few years.  Suddenly the liberalists are supporting and supported by the neo-conservatives (what we called fascists 60 years ago) and the the people being called fascists are promoting peace and reconciliation, and middle of the road conservative politics of 30 years ago. 119 more words