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Black and Blue: head to toe

Black and Blue is the name of 13th British and 15th American studio album by the Rolling Stones, it is a chain of successful steak Restarauts in London and it is the colours I love mixing! 86 more words


Cup of tea with IT

ITgirl Alina Gelzina (@ALINA_GELZINA) is one of the most promising young fashionistas and stylish discoveries of the last years. She is glamorous; she is like a modern prototype of princess from Disney fairytale. 789 more words


Who is IT?

Who is an IT-girl?

What do we know about IT-girls? Is there one term that is less clear among thousands of fashion terms? New fashion subculture has long historical roots. 365 more words


All my guilty wardrobe secrets

My name is Rachael Lumba and am an addict .( no! no! not that type of addict).A fashion addict. well am not as dangerous as other addictions, well you might be wondering how I know am a fashion addict, well It involves all the signs of any serious craving like not being able to walk past a shoe shop without going in, always buying new shoes even though I know it doesn’t fit properly. 470 more words


Managing Your Wardrobe

Wardrobe management was a concept I had never heard of.

“What Now?”… “Did you say manage my wardrobe?”

In my mind, wardrobe management involved the following: 572 more words

Capsule Wardrobe