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Patches upon Patches.

Happy Wednesday

The weather has been absolutely BEAUTIFUL this week in Manhattan. It is going to be close to 70 on Friday and I am half tempted to pull out my shorts, but I feel like that may be going a little overboard as it isn’t even the end of February. 514 more words

Why Fashion Week is so Important (1 min read)

Written by Millionaire’s Digest Team Member: Mliae A.

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When we think of Fashion Week, our minds usually conjure up images of the fashion elite sitting coolly in front rows of high-end, highly anticipated runway shows. 322 more words


Lip Service

Pucker up.

In the wintertime it is very easy for your lips to get dry and turn into two sad raisons resting on your face. Your pillowy, luscious, summer lips have now turned into a flakey, painful mess. 212 more words

Fashion Blog

Lip Gloss Glamour

Welcome back to the blog everyone!! As stated in my previous post, Spring is coming!! I’m so excited for this season. Usually Spring falls to the bottom of my list of seasons that I like, but I’m super excited for the fashion this year. 316 more words


The Classic

White top and Jeans how much more classic could you get right?!

Today was a complete mom day, I took my son to the park and we were outside the majority of the day since it is finally getting more like spring and the snow is melting away and he is such a nature boy. 207 more words