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Inspired - Lucian Harbădă


Enjoy the fashion and minimal collage works by the Romanian artist Lucian Harbădă.

Fashion and minimal collages.

Fashion and minimal collages.

Fashion and minimal collages. 24 more words


1940's Fashion Collage

This collage is inspired from an 1940’s fashion presentation. A time of WWII, both men and women worked/supported the war in someway. By either fighting in the army or working in the factories, everyone was involved in the war whether they wanted to or not. 93 more words


1930's Fashion Presentation

My group’s presentation for the 1930’s.

In the 1930’s, people lived in the post World War 1 era going into World War 2. Then in 1929, the “Great Depression” hit, it was the worst economic downturn in history of the industrialized world. 642 more words


1920's Fashion Collage

A fashion collage inspired by a 1920’s presentation. 1920’s was the decade after WW1, known as the “Roaring Twenties”. The 1920’s were a time of flapper dresses, pearls, and sequins.  55 more words


1910's Fashion Collage

Fashion collage inspired from a 1910’s presentation. Dresses have become slimmer using less fabric, styles are changing, and war is here. Charles Fredrick Worth (left picture), an English fashion designer who’s style contained intricate details and long bustle skirts, became known as the father of haute couture. 34 more words


1800-1900 Fashion Collage

A collage made from an 1800-1900 presentation. Empire waist, bustle skirt, and petticoats. Some of the highlights from an era inspired by royalty.


Illustration Collage for FASHION Magazine Canada

My Editorial fashion illustration / mixed media collage for Fashion Magazine  September issue that illustrates a story written by Grace O’Connell.

More work on my portfolio… 84 more words