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Pretty and Pink x

The rollercoaster of fashion steams on, morphing, re-inventing, disappearing and then back with a bang.  Each time the story is different, responding to design needs, changing faces and context, which is what makes it all so fascinating. 43 more words


Haunted x

Hunter, an authentic British heritage brand beloved of the posh, festival goers and anyone inbetween: It’s the mainstream label with proper appeal and sits on it’s tartan wingback armchair like a curled, sleeping cat. 262 more words


Square Root..

The trouser is having a moment.

Cropped, fuller cut, sometimes with a higher waist, it’s evolving into something special.

Transitional, versatile and already tugging at the heart strings. 14 more words


Dog Wool..

Can love ever be too much or am I just too westernised? I spotted an article on DogWool on the plane on the way back from Greece – apparently there’s a little place in Brittany between Abercerac’h and the Virgin Island lighthouse that will use a traditional spinning wheel, to spin your dogs unwanted hair into balls of wool ready to knit. 159 more words


The True Cost of Fashion x

This was written a while ago – but I think still has some relevance today..

Working at the rock face of fashion I have realised that very few people actually know how the modern clothing business truly works, particularly in terms of cost..and therefore profit. 654 more words


Swedish Hasbeens x

So I’m running away to the sun today a week earlier than expected as my father has broken his elbow – there’s no time to write new blog posts, instead I offer you summer re-runs..some of the best posts from times gone past.   525 more words


Holly go brightly..

Today marks the last Monday of term and school prize day – a day to avoid if ever there is one.  I swore last year, after three hours of clapping in heavy, muggy heat that I would never go again – and that was after the mornings two hour session.   78 more words