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A Modern Old Soul..

Atlantique Ascoli started with a quest to find the perfect blouse and using an innate confidence in simplicity and with a lightness of touch came up with a genius collection of seven pure white shirts..one for each day of the week. 142 more words


Patullo-Jo Copeland x

This wasn’t the post for today..but there’s a gremlin in my computer that won’t allow me to upload new photos – one of the burdens of working by yourself is there’s no IT department to demand help from.   173 more words


Gold Rush x

We saw Cinderella last week..

There’s an undeniable whiff of cheese..but Cate Blanchett’s costumes were honest-to-God-totes-amaze..

vibrant colours…wicked jewellery

All thought up by three time Oscar winning costume designer Sandy Powell.. 22 more words


Savage Beauty x

How to write about Savage Beauty? Can McQueen be captured in an Exhibition..or in the limited bubble of a post?  The answer is no, but one has to try.   281 more words


Coach Journey..

NYFW is in full force with a royal gallimaufry (look it up) of offerings, each screaming for attention.  But sometimes it’s the unexpected that catches the roving eye.   138 more words

Designer Brands

Fashion Story x

In the focaccia bunfight of fashion, how is true style evaluated and who wins the cherry on the top?

We know sometimes less is more.. 100 more words


B is for Breton..

If all the cover stories are to be believed, stripes are going to be the big thing this summer.  It’s quite refreshing after the years they’ve spent in the fashion wilderness, rejected for allegedly making all who wear them immediately 2 stone heavier.   109 more words