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Square Root..

The trouser is having a moment.

Cropped, fuller cut, sometimes with a higher waist, it’s evolving into something special.

Transitional, versatile and already tugging at the heart strings. 14 more words


Dog Wool..

Can love ever be too much or am I just too westernised? I spotted an article on DogWool on the plane on the way back from Greece – apparently there’s a little place in Brittany between Abercerac’h and the Virgin Island lighthouse that will use a traditional spinning wheel, to spin your dogs unwanted hair into balls of wool ready to knit. 159 more words


The True Cost of Fashion x

This was written a while ago – but I think still has some relevance today..

Working at the rock face of fashion I have realised that very few people actually know how the modern clothing business truly works, particularly in terms of cost..and therefore profit. 654 more words


Swedish Hasbeens x

So I’m running away to the sun today a week earlier than expected as my father has broken his elbow – there’s no time to write new blog posts, instead I offer you summer re-runs..some of the best posts from times gone past.   525 more words


Holly go brightly..

Today marks the last Monday of term and school prize day – a day to avoid if ever there is one.  I swore last year, after three hours of clapping in heavy, muggy heat that I would never go again – and that was after the mornings two hour session.   78 more words


Ace & Jig x

Ace and Jig is a fusion of street cred and hippy, contemporary and classic folded together with indian cottons and hand dyed fabrics.

The label was started by Cary Vaughan and Jenna Wilson and is based in Brooklyn, New York.   49 more words


Rosie x

There’s something rumbling in the air: Apparently Isabel Marant opted out of sharing her pre-season pictures with anyone until as late as possible.  She said it was less to do with the threat of copying than over exposure – ‘There’s just too much stuff’.   140 more words