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Meet Seerat: First Indian Designer to Upcycle Fashion for Redress Design Award

In the past we interviewed, Redress Design Award finalists from 2017 and 2016. Environmental NGO Redress organises the Redress Design Award, the world’s largest sustainable fashion design competition. 1,172 more words


Style Obsession: Denim Utility Jumpsuit

Inspired by a denim jumpsuit by Alexa Chung and cute puppies everywhere. A girl can never have enough cute outfits and puppy cuteness in her life.

Love you all!

Love + light



Why Should you take up Fashion Design Course?

Do you desire to turn the passion into rewarding profession? Well, fashion industry is all about glamour and luxury, but there is a lot of hard work and effort behind it. 464 more words

Fashion Design

Hama beads

I disused whith my teacher today and i got some inspiration from her witch is iron the Hama beads to the fabric  so i can create some patterns with it and also maybe i could try to use the PVC cover it so it would gave the similar feeling of the bubble wraps. 7 more words

Fashion Design

Toys shop

I been to toys shop today trying to find some more ideas.

i look at lots different type of toys and see witch one can reminds me or my friend of our childhood, but while i am doing this i found that in the most of the toys shop have so many new toys that is not belongs to our childhood, and it seems more electrical and technological than what i expect what they should be, now i had a big problem, the toys that could reminds my generation’s are hard to find now, because it is too old school and most of the children now dose not like it. 88 more words

Fashion Design

9th June

i designed few costume for each toys that really reminds me of my childhood and put the most popular colours of “childhood” to fits in, when i am doing this i feel really enjoyed and also i asked my friend about what they had in mind when they first saw my work, and all the comment they have told me is that happiness and joyful, that is exactly what i want my work to be, i want my work could reminds or make peoples feel something when they saw it. 91 more words

Fashion Design

Job Fair 7.9.18: Alumni Career Opportunities

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