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Fashion Doll Friday: Barbie Superstar 1988

Today’s Friday Girl comes from Naomi’s collection. Thanks to the Facebook group “Australia Collectible Barbies” I was able to learn that she is Barbie Superstar from 1988. 44 more words

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Kid Creations Sindy Collectors Range 2020

I hadn’t read anything new about the new Sindy collection in so long that I feared that the project had been dumped.

However, the other day I received an email with a link to the video above. 578 more words

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Fashion Doll Friday: Mattel Star Trek Captain Kirk 2020

Someone at Mattel must really love Star Trek. Or at least they love a good franchise. This week’s Friday Guy is another Captain Kirk. Naomi bought him recently to restyle. 71 more words

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Fashion Doll Friday: Integrity Sebastian Havoc 2014

Integrity Polly Parker Sebastian Havoc

This week our Friday Guy is once again from Naomi’s collection of male fashion dolls. He is Sebastian Havoc from the Poppy Parker collection by Integrity. 73 more words

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Fashion Doll Friday: Swirl Ponytail Barbie

Today’s Friday Girl is another Swirl Ponytail Barbie. This one belongs to Naomi. She bought her on our last trip to Penguin Market before Covid-19 temporarily closed it down. 41 more words

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Fashionista Fashions Again

Last week Naomi and I went to Burnie to do some errands. We went into K Mart, still very bare of goods, and naturally stopped by the toy department. 403 more words

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Fashion Doll Friday: Smasheroo Reproduction Barbie 1998

Today’s Friday Girl is Naomi’s reproduction TNT Barbie wearing Smasheroo, an outfit first issued in 1968. Naomi remembers being 8 years old when the TNT Barbie’s were first released and that she really, really wanted one. 105 more words

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