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Crazy Rich Asians - Astrid

Have you read Kevin Kwan’s novel ‘Crazy Rich Asians’? It offers a witty, satirical glimpse into the inside world of ultra-wealthy Asian families. The fun, generally light-hearted and slightly voyeuristic tone makes it the kind of book you’d want to read on the beach in summer. 111 more words

Fashion Illustration

Drawing The Fashion Figure

To draw a good fashion figure the body must first be placed under the clothes.The figure given in this lesson is not nude, but is ready for underclothes, bathing suit, dress, suit, or a coat.If you draw the complete figure carefully under every garment, you will have no trouble when drawing a bathing figure, or one in underclothes although busy artists merely sketch in the figure without finishing parts that do not show in the finished drawing. 530 more words

The Design Process

Fashion is a business. In this series, I am discussing what it takes to create a fashion collection and how it applies to other businesses, mostly writing. 1,046 more words



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I constantly shop around for art tools. Sometimes I even visit any kids corner to see the kind of markers and art tools they provide. 229 more words


#WerewolfWednesday 9

Werewolf Fashion Model: “The photographers keep telling me my hands look like claws. Duh. They are claws!”

Design: Outfit Inspired by “Savannah was wearing leather pants and a sparkly top.” 234 more words


#WerewolfWednesday 7

Werewolf Fashion Model: “I walk on my toes naturally, so my shoes don’t need heels.”

Design: From the Lone Prospect: “Savannah was wearing a sparkly top and maroon leather pants.” 316 more words


#WerewolfWednesday 6

Werewolf Fashion Model: “Mummy models are the worst competition. Bone thin and they don’t have to diet!”

Design: Inspired by #projectrunway cocktail challenge season 15… 130 more words