Guest blogger: Maria! An insight on "how did the shooting go?"

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Today we have a guest and she is here to answer a couple of questions about the last shooting I posted on my sites/pages. 1,635 more words


BTS photo shootings (behind the scene) - How Edouard likes his coffee!

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The last few weeks have been photographically hectic on my side of the world.
A few people asked me if it was possible to push some bts shots online… I usually would not care much since it does not really teach anything but how crap reality looks indeed! 754 more words


How many good reasons to go to see Viviane Sassen's work in Frankfurt?

How many good reasons to go to see Viviane Sassen’s work in Frankfurt?

1. She’s a genius

Whatever she touches turns to gold. I got to realise this with her personal series PARASOMNIA. 496 more words


04.03.14 digest - #babygiraffes the new Wednesday Adams, #heaven and #supermodel on #horse

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It’s going to be a heavy pics loaded post today. I have been saving a few things in my folder for sharing later and later seems to be now. 445 more words


03.26.14 Digest #back and blurring all those boundaries

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Art is what makes life more important than art” said a dude…
If you ve been reading the lines of this blog on a regular basis (which I totally doubt), you d be accustomed to the fact I’m in love with those projects blurring the boundaries of fashion, fine arts and reportage. 261 more words



you know those moments when you first view something, and you get that gasp of air and rushing excitement that tingles your being – well, for me fashion, moments, editorials, magazines (i could go on, and on…) do that thing for me. 108 more words



i imagine a riddle made through the artistic creative eye and photography, as i go through this favored editorial from VAGA Magazine’s latest, Mack the Knife… 27 more words