Tags » Fashion Faux-Pas

STYLE: ‘Holey Tights’

That awkward moment when you discover a massive hole in the back of your tights!


STYLE: ‘Le Stylish Stumble’

When leaving your house, casually stumbling onto your knees on the sidewalk 🙈 #itotallymeanttodothat #ifoundsomething #aintnobodygottimetochange


EVENTS/STYLE: ‘Rock Your Socks!’

Are you rocking some snazzy socks for World Down Syndrome Day today?

I totally forgot! But at least I’m rocking holes in my tights…!

Lots of love,



When to Kill Your Closet

Death is inevitable. It comes to some sooner than expected, and sometimes not soon enough. I am by no means wishing death on anyone BUT you know… 403 more words


Catastrophic​ Consumerism

One time I found a leather tote made in Italy for $18—a genuine leather tote. When I found it, the woman in the aisle next to me told me, “If you don’t buy it, come find me because that’s too good to be true.” 315 more words


FASHION: ‘That awkward moment when you accidentally pull the balls off your fuzzy socks...’

… and you can’t help but wonder if it’s a sign that you’re going to need a pair today…!