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Ophelia - Fashion Film

The last reference I have for this unit is connected to literature, theater and art. About the scene we filmed of the model wearing the embroided dress by the lake, we were inspired by William Shakespeare’s character Ophelia. 147 more words


Final Film: Help Me Lose My Mind - Fashion Film

<p><a href=” ME LOSE MY MIND / fashion film</a> from <a href=” Montino</a> on <a href=”;.</p>


The Leftovers (Underwater scene) - Fashion Film

This is the second reference that is related to our underwater scene. We can see how intense the scene become when he starts screaming underwater and we are aiming to do the same.


Requiem For a Dream (Underwater) - Fashion Film

Another reference we used for our underwater scene is the scene from Requiem for a Dream, where the character is in a tub and at a certain point she start screaming underwater. 21 more words


Script: Lemonade by Beyoncè - Fashion Film

When we decided to insert a script at the beginning of the film, the first film that came across my mind was Beyoncè’s latest visual album, Lemonade. 251 more words


Film feedback

During the past few tutorials and presentations we have gotten some good feedback on our film.

I’m very pleased with what we’ve accomplished so far, and the points that have been raised in tutorials lately have been very valuable. 156 more words