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These are the first moodboards based on our original idea and theme, we will continue working on our plans based on these boards.

(Contextual Studies)

Fashion Style and Ideas

For the fashion, we want to use rugged and tough looking garments to show a resilience to the pollution, we want the clothes to act as a barrier of defense. 189 more words

Fashion Film

The Story: Pollution

Me and my partner Kiva had the idea of conveying the serious issue of pollution through fashion film. The problem has now become so drastic that there was a 1000 deaths in London linked to pollution in just 4 months. 99 more words

Fashion Film

(Year 2) Project Start - Fashion Film

For the first project of the year we are expected to work in groups or pairs, and together come up with a story/narrative for a short fashion film. 337 more words

Darker Storytelling 

Daido Moriyama in his recent series “Out of the Darkness” tells a story of the constant danger in Hawaii, floods and high winds cause chaos in towns and on beaches. 54 more words

Fashion Film

Film Idea Development + Brainstorms

Nobuyoshi Araki’s series “Winters Journey” and “Sentimental Journey” have a very strong sence of story telling, conveyed through personal experiences and photographic technique. The atmosphere is well established through the calm scenes in “Sentimental Journey”, he uses almost soft focus, and the settings are always very plain, normally with just one subject, his wife. 178 more words

Fashion Film