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The Many Folds of an Exquisite World: BFFF Preview with Cristiana Cott Negoescu

I am pleased and excited to be part of the first edition of Bucharest Fashion Film Festival, a brave initiative for the Romanian film and fashion scene. 416 more words


Laura Dern in Jurassic Park

Wouldn’t say I am your go-to Jurassic Park lover in any crowd, but I was recently shown a clip from the original film in my night class–the prof would be that Jurassic Park lover in any crowd–and noticed nothing but what Laura Dern was wearing as Dr. 89 more words


Fashion film through the eyes of the director: Boldizsár CR

A “phone call, a mysterious note, a bouquet of peonies and the scenic city of Venice…” This is the atmosphere of Boldiszár’s The Painting, a fashion film collaboration with  1,831 more words


Fashion loves perfume

Perfume is inextricably linked with the fashion industry. Basically every major fashion house has its own fragrance(s), preferably an updated version every year (or more). Fragrance and make-up account for most of the couture-house’s sales and are therefore an important source of income that keeps the business rolling. 553 more words


“Dracula is not Dead'',discussing fashion and film with director Luizo Vega.

Luizo Vega was born on December 24, 1974 in Michigan, USA. He is an actor and director, known for The Material Boy (2015), Sangra Tango (2014) and La croix (2008).In March of 2015, he  presented “The Material Boy”  film in the official competition in the Guadalajara International Film Festival.As well as in the International Film Festivals of Torino, Tel Aviv, Tokyo, Buenos Aires, Sao Pablo, Quito & Mexico DF.In December 2015 “The Material Boy” was featured  in MK2 Paris and became a big success during the ASVOFF Festival, presented by Diane Pernet in Centre Pompidou, Paris.During 2016, Luizo Vega is working in the production of the feature films “Dracula is not Dead” and “Sister Samanta” and in the documentary “The Naked Project”.In this very moment of his creative life,Luizo Vega opens up in a ‘about all’ interview with Ilia-Sybil. 558 more words

Fashion Games

Opera on acid: make-up in fashion film

Make-up and fashion: they seem to be always inextricably linked. With every season, a new make-up look, endlessly paraphrasing itself in waves throughout make-up history. With every trend, an opposed reaction. 477 more words


Is H&M going to save the world?

Last week H&M introduced its so-called World Recycle Week, calling all H&M customers to visit their stores and bring with them their unwanted clothes no matter the brand, so that they could be reused and recycled. 667 more words