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Who Made Your Pants?

Most of our clothes are manufactured in dark, crowded factories, like Rana Plaza was, the sweatshop that collapsed, killing many workers.

We don’t know the names of the men and women sewing, dyeing and embellishing the clothes we love. 159 more words

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Fashion Friday - Jumpsuits

I have envied girls with long legs for one main reason… the jumpsuit. It just doesn’t seem to look or fit right on me (you know being vertically challenged and all ;) ) But with all these jumpsuits hitting the red carpet (and loads of inspiration found on Pinterest), I’m totally second guessing my decision to avoid them. 123 more words

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Fashion Friday- Real jeans? What are those?

I don’t ever wear real, denim jeans anymore. I hope I’m not alone in this. All my “jeans” are really more jeggings- way stretchier and comfier than the original. 269 more words


Fashion Friday - Trench Coat

I’m not going to moan about the weather and the fact it’s nearly June!

Instead I’m going to post a piece on trench coats and consider one for my next investment purchase. 6 more words

Fashion Friday- Oh! Hey you.

Yep. We’re still alive. We kind of dropped off the (blogging) map the last couple of weeks, but we’re back now! Hope you enjoy today’s Fashion Friday, and have an amazing weekend! 129 more words


Fashion Friday - Skirts Over Trousers Thing.

Decisions, decisions.

Skirt or trousers?

Just wear both!