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Journal des Dames et des Modes

Over the past few months, while working on the project that has now become The Book of Haps, I’ve examined countless images of wrappable textiles. 241 more words


Why do I love fashion and clothing?

This is a picture of me posing with a painting Wendy Reves. Wendy Reves was a fashion model in Paris, who went on to donate a great deal of money to William & Mary with her husband, Emery. 475 more words


Cultural Disobedience: early 80s German subculture and its impact on design

German music of the 80s – a time that is usually associated with the likes of Nena and her „99 Red Balloons“. But the „Neue Deutsche Welle“ („New German Wave“) is only the commercially exploited end of a subculture that emerged in the end of the 70s and lastet about seven or eight years into a decade that is mostly remembered for shoulder pads and big hair. 1,092 more words


Fashionable Quote of the Week by Bob Mackie

Glamour has to come from you and it has to come from confidence. The pope is glamorous. There are people who are automatically glamorous. Marilyn Monroe was glamorous in a towel. 92 more words


"Excuse me, but I've got to go change my clothes . . ."

Guess how many times late-19th-century ladies had to change their clothes?

Yes, indeed, a whole 8 times! (Or sometimes 7, depending upon the circumstances, possibly including exhaustion from the first 6 changes.) 124 more words

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Madeleine Chéruit

Madeleine Cheruit was born in France in the late 19th century. She is among the foremost couturiers of her generation and one of the first women to control a major French fashion house. 89 more words

Fashion History

Ossie Clark

Raymond Oswald Clark was born in Lancashire, England on June 9, 1942. Clark was one of the top English designers in the 60’s and 70’s for rock stars and film. 278 more words

Fashion History