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Another Mystery Slide.

This slide is one of a few taken on the same day by my dad. I have no idea who the people are or where it is. 19 more words

Women's Footwear In America


Throughout the ages, Western fashion has incorporated foreign influences and the late 19th Century was no exception. One major influence came from Japan, a nation that up until 1854 has kept itself secluded from the rest of the world. 1,261 more words

Victorian Dress

Princess of the Dirty Room

Hi, I’m Hannah. I was a Co-Op student at the FHCC this past Fall and Winter who, for the latter half of my time, focused on organizing and cataloging “the Dirty Room.” 369 more words

Art History

The Pump With A Certain Bow.

Among all the family slides I found one of a shoe.  I wonder if it’s the pump my grandfather told me about.

Then I created a little pump with a certain bow on it…and that’s what kept us busy…Well that little shoe, forget now what the name… we had a name for it…And I kept on creating new things.  – Ben Benjamin



People often seem surprised by my interest in fashion. Or, to put it better, people often seem surprised by the nature of my interest in fashion. 255 more words


A Cross Between Betty And Joan.

I recently purchased a photo scanner and now am finally starting to scan all the slides I have. Here’s one of my mother from probably the 1950’s taken by my… 52 more words


The visual masterpiece : Life of Pi

That one movie that left everyone thrilled, the Oscar winning film, Who could’ve thought a movie based on a book would turn out to be a whimsical 3D masterpiece. 200 more words

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