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My personal style is heavily influenced by a variety of different people. But there’s one person who really inspires me not only style-wise, but in a personal way too. 273 more words


How To Succeed In Fashion?

If only I had a dime (or a hundred dollars), for every time I heard “The Fashion Industry is competitive, you know”. So how do you succeed in the fast paced word that is fashion your asking? 339 more words


Season of the Witch - Fashion Inspiration for Autumn

This is my fashion inspiration for the Season of the With, or Autumn; the most beautiful season in my opinion. I hope you’ll enjoy the pictures I’ve chosen, mostly sixties and seventies fashion, a little bit of Sharon Tate and France Gall with her knee-high socks, a bit of Carolyn’s style from Dark Shadows (2012), a bit of late 1970s Joy Division-look from the film Closer (2007), cord trousers with wide belts, Uschi Obermaier’s large necklaces, colourful tights, a bit of 1970s does 1930s and 40s fashion, long dresses with floral prints, and of course the classic sixties mini skirt. 61 more words

My Inspiration

16th Century Fashion by Emma and Erin

In our class we are studying Romeo and Juliet and me and my partner have decided to learn more about fashion in the 16th century when… 625 more words


Fashionable History: Edith Head

I love fashion but I love fashion history even more. That’s all I read about lately and I’m even taking a class, which I’ve mentioned before… 642 more words


8 Dark, Eccentric & Elegant Fashion icons

Hello Darklings!

As all of you might have guessed by now, this blog’s main mission is to show the ELEGANT side of Dark/Alternative/Gothic Fashion, the one that can be worn with confidence within any kind of a demanding professional environment (e.g. 229 more words

Alternative Fashion