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Fashion Faux Pas

I was hoping to hold out on this annual blog a little longer. I was hoping not to coin it as an “annual” thing.

But she wore them today. 899 more words

How I stuff up the winter wardrobe

I love winter clothes, I really do. Ditching the flesh flashing dresses and kicking the sandals into touch make me happy. When the magazines start showing all the autumn/winter clothes it makes me happy. 526 more words

Bring back the tread - an awesome 70's fashion shoe.

Looking around at fashions and I’ve noticed how vintage is definitely in.

I love that. I love to see someone who is wearing something that suits their body with a dash of individuality. 355 more words

10 Things Grown Men Should Never Wear

When it comes to fashion guys, you need to do one last check in the mirror before leaving the house. Remember, if you’re in your 30’s, you shouldn’t be dressing like you’re still 19. 226 more words



What NOT to wear to a Gala……..

Of course………it is just my opinion……...WHAT WERE THESE WOMEN THINKING.!!!………..or their designers.

Well……maybe the whole point was to grab attention.   6 more words


Even Queen Bees make mistakes...

Is Beyonce indestructable? After music awards upon music awards, awesome concerts, numerous articles from media titans praising her performances, can she do anything wrong? Is she the Wonder Woman of this millenium? 211 more words

How to NEVER wear a bra

You’d think that after all the “bra hacks you need to know” articles, women would be ninjas when it came to underwear.
Well, this girl isn’t one of them. 177 more words
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