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The Worst Mistakes I Made Growing Up

This is such a hard post to write, on the account I cannot write more than a few sentences without cringing.

I really love fashion and beauty, I always have. 341 more words

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The Fishnet Stockings Trend

This fashion trends should’ve died in the 90’s but it made a come back in 2016

Scribbled on Jeans

This Fashion trends has sadly hit the stores and we wish that it never happened. 88 more words


The Museum of My Fashion, Pt. 2

The High School Years (1990-1993)

Zelda attended an all-girls’ high school with uniforms, so roughly 80% of her life during this time was spent wearing a wool kilt and various pastel oxford cloth shirts, all hand-me-downs from previous graduates who could not be rid of their uniforms soon enough. 790 more words

The Museum of My Fashion, Pt. 1

I have a confused and somewhat tortured relationship with fashion. If my life of style were memorialized in a museum exhibition, the catalog would read as follows: 595 more words

10 Fashion Mistakes

This article will explore some of the most common fashion mistakes made by women, from mixing prints to PJ’s in public. If you have any comments to make or something you have seen that fits this article feel free to leave a comment. 1,104 more words

5 Common Fashion Faux Pas You Should Seriously Avoid

It happens to the very best of us. There are times when we go against better judgement and land up wearing something that only makes us cringe later. 448 more words

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VOX POP - Men's Fashion Pet Peeves

Featuring Courtney Haze

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This week we decided to venture into the field and get YOUR opinion when it comes to men’s fashion pet peeves. 40 more words