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Fash of the month: winter to summer

Customizing obsession

Seems like winter is threatening snow and like everyone is checking what is left on the sales as hats and gloves seem a paramount.   104 more words


Fash: pomponizing socks

Pomponizing socks

Everyone got personalized socks for Christmas


Pomponizing everywhere, everything.

It’s not just me,  it’s becoming a thing.


Fash of the month: customizing skirt

Customizing obsession

And the newest customizing job, a  plain simple H&M stretch cotton miniskirt, so up-to-date once it is


Ta dah!

Still thinking about getting a pom pon machine maker for Xmass.   42 more words


Fashion of the Week - Edition 2 - H&M

Okay so this week, I have had a good look at hoodies and sweaters from… H&M! as winter is approaching in the UK and USA, its time to dress warm and cozy so here are the H&M products this week! 205 more words

Fashion Of The Week

Fashion of The Week - Edition 1 - Topman

Welcome to the first edition of “Fashion of the Week.” Here I’ll give you information on three clothing products that would perfectly suit you! This week I have had a good look at Topman products and after a fair bit of research, I have come down to my final three products for the week. 265 more words

Fashion Of The Week

Fash of the month: customizing t-shirt

Customizing obsession

My newest attempt at customizing, which didn’t take much time at all.

Just a couple of silver spikes sewed onto my
t-shirt, so it reads… 30 more words


Fash of the month: customizing

Customizing obsession

tools and toys

owl and pompons

cap, earrings, t-shirt

Since this summer I have been obsessed with pompons and the likes.  So, when I went past, by total chance, past a haberdashery,  I followed an impulse and grabbed stuff, not really clear about what I was going to do with it.   116 more words