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A Yellow Jacket In The Garden

Yellow jackets normally have a bad reputation for being pests and stinging you, but on this occasion, it was not naughty but nice and meshed well with the flowers that accompanied.  204 more words


Plaids Are Not Just For Picnics

Are you Mad for Plaid?  Is it a Yay or Nay for you?  Truth be told, as far as memory takes me, I always associated plaid’s with a picnic blanket. 238 more words


Flowers, Flowers, Flowers

Flowers are not just meant to be admired in a vase or a garden.  As I mentioned in my previous blog, Spring Forward, one of the trends for this coming season are flowers. 262 more words


Follow The "Yellow Brick Road"

Hello my Dear Readers,

Today I share with you just a quick note to say hello and to share a few pictures of where my yellow pointed heels took me…..I called it the “Yellow Brick Road” for I dared to venture into the hiking trails not far from my home.   208 more words


Mint Anyone?

Today, I woke up craving Mint and not the candy kind! It was a little overcast in the morning and when the sun came out to play I knew exactly what color I wanted to wear! 230 more words


Good Bye 2014....Hello 2015

As 2014 comes to an end, I stop to reflect on all the Blessings I have received this year, My Famyof4 (which include my hubby, son & daughter), my Maltipoo-Jax, our health, our families, our home, our jobs, my kids excelling in College, our trip to Paris & Greece celebrating our 25 years of marriage, my daughter’s new car and so much more the list can go on and on. 236 more words