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Kat von D - Work Experience

My second work experience was at the Kat von D makeup stall in Debenhams. This work experience wasn’t that difficult to get, as I am friendly with one of the employees. 467 more words


Welcome To My Blog

Hello. I’m Gabby. Welcome to my photography blog. This blog is going to be a sort of adventure through my phoyography experience and work. I am drawn to the darker side of life. 178 more words


The Go-To Smart/Casual Outfit.

Oh hey! So, I recently have been doing a lot of presentational assignments for my university degree and thought what a great idea to share with you my go-to smart/casual outfit. 441 more words


Alexandra Wolf - Η Κύπρια φωτογράφος μόδας που διαπρέπει στη Ν. Υόρκη

Έχει συνεργαστεί μεταξύ άλλων με την πρωταγωνίστρια του ”Sex and The City”

Της Άντρης Θρασυβούλου

Πέρα από τα σύνορα της μικρής Κύπρου μας, συναντάμε συμπατριώτες μας που διαπρέπουν ο καθένας στον τομέα του. 131 more words