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Kon Maudy v the wardrobe

Of course you are all desperate to know about my clothes situation and my struggle with “nothing to wear”. A dive into my wardrobe revealed that, contrary to popular belief, I have quite a lot of clothes. 1,471 more words


Kon Maudy - part the second

Weirdly, about a year ago, I found myself in a similar situation to the one I am finding myself now. Contemplating the consequences of public nudity. 636 more words


Tyler Breeze Sports New Look on WWE Main Event

Appearing right before RAW this Monday, recording a match for WWE Main Event against EC3, Tyler seems to have updated his image a little.

Now rocking some flashy kickpads, no tassel and a fresh haircut, Breeze is taking no prisoners.


#SAFTAs13 red carpet review

Another event, another South African red carpet and we STILL haven’t been served any looks to write home about.

The truth of the matter regarding how dismal South African red carpets are rubs many people up the wrong way but we all know 400 more words

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Critic's Choice Awards Red Carpet 2019

Didn’t watch these but when has that ever stopped me from salivating over the red carpet? Don’t answer that.


I think the fact that this is basically a one piece tux is throwing me off. 462 more words

Red Carpet

Golden Globes Red Carpet 2019

WHADDDUPPPP AWARDS SZN! How ya derrrrin? Obviously I’m excited that my favorite winter pick-me-up has arrived. Because no matter what anyone says, nothing will ever beat the high of sitting on the couch in flannel pjs, still on a holiday eating schedule (24/7) shouting at the TV that someone looks like trash on one of the biggest nights of their life. 1,056 more words

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