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Its About Time!

World War I was an interesting time- well for time atleast, it pushed for the mainstreaming of watches into the gentleman’s wardrope.The Swiss army embraced the clock-on-wrist (comical conotation,it was clowned for this) for it’s technicality and convenience in war. 264 more words

Fashion Reviews

Gareth Pugh Fall Ready-To-Wear 2018. London Fashion Week

(Images form Vogue and WWD)

You should be at times cynical, not as a sign of getting older, but as an acknowledgment in which one is always learning.  431 more words


Abasi Rosborough men’s Fall 2018– New York Fashion Week (overview)

(Images from WWD.com)

Abasi Rosborough is a brand I know very little about, except that it came into its formation in 2013.  So, a new brand based in New York,  that is contributing to the masses of various clothing… 313 more words


Grammy Award: Best Dressed Gent

Sunday the 28th of January dawned one of the biggest nights for music. With a killer opening performance from Kendrick – not that we expected anything less – and big winners like Bruno Mars with 24K Magic Album which we jammed to all year, Lamar humbling us with DAMN, Ed Sheeran and to my delight; Alessia Cara amongst other outstanding acts, here comes the most awaited Best Dressed Gent award. 327 more words

Fashion Reviews

Craig Green. London Fall 2018 Men’s collection

(All images from Vogue.com. Used in promotion of the designer)

The proficiency of Craig Green is his exactitude.  Able to move from costume design (I cannot urge this enough for the younger designers to consider) back into runway expose.  429 more words


Dundas. Milan Pre-Fall 2018 (overview)

(Images from Vogue.com)

While the trend that has emerged from most of the Pre-Fall 2018 collections has been one of 1960s and 1970s rehash, which, from what I have seen has been a more of frumpy, long hemlines (ankle sweepers) and in most cases and uncreative attempt at homaging past styles for ideas.  212 more words


Jewel of Madras

In the 17th century, in Madras(now Chennai) India locals struck gold with the Madras fabric. This fabric with its unique pattern, a complex plaid, was used by the locals as headwrap and bodywrap by the men of the villages.This holds to date. 297 more words

Fashion Reviews