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The Vogue Festival: all style no substance?

Well look who it is! And it I’d have known you were coming I’d have baked a cake. I apologise for my journey into the fashion wilderness but I’m back and… better for having a day to recover from the… 1,499 more words

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Come Sale Away

Happy New Year! And wishing your wardrobe a very stylish 2012… I’d imagine that, like mine, yours is groaning under the weight of newly purchased (and worn once) frocks for party season, kind Christmas gifts (“it‘s SO YOU!” items hung up… in the bin….) and heavy duty Sales shopping matching the 50% off tag with a 50% swell in your total amount of clothes. 1,351 more words

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That moment when you meet The One (Piece)

Forget Stepping into Christmas – despite my near religious beliefs to spend my working day in heels, the latest press release I received was to Jump In. 420 more words

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100 years... 100 reasons why I dislike the Westfield Viral Video

I’ll admit it. There will only be one major faux pas when Westfield Stratford City opens its doors on September 13th, an approximate 8 minute bus journey from my front door. 814 more words

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Lanvin: Je T'aime

There are several people I daydream about being on a daily basis. Karen O, Daisy Lowe and Alison Mosshart, anyone who’s ever had carnal knowledge of any / all of The Strokes and predominantly, post Glastonbury 2011, Ms Sasha Fierce herself, one Beyonce Knowles. 639 more words

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Show me your Wardrobe

I’m often asked via email or Twitter where various components of my outfit are from, so as I have 15 minutes to spare before I start the standard Saturday night hot date with the girls and Prosecco (sorry rents – those grandchildren may take a little longer to materialise than I initially promised….), I’m taking the opportunity for a wardrobe reveal. 245 more words

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Dear Topshop: A Rare Fashion Fail?


From: Primark to Prada

To: Phillip Green
CC: Topshop Creative Director, Topshop Brand Manager, Topshop PR Manager

Dear all,

I’m writing to discuss the… 842 more words

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