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"Fashionably" Late

So this conversation literally happened almost word for word a few moments ago. I couldn’t resist running to my sketch pad and recording it. Who’d a thunk a 12 year old girl would take fashion advice from her 10 year old brother? 19 more words



Sometimes it’s easier to come up with a three-hundred page book than a three-word title. The journey can be brutal, with dozens of contenders considered and then discarded. 911 more words

Group Post

Fashionably Late With Rachel Zoe 

Okay! Okay!

I’m obsessed. Like I mean RACHEL ZOE is like ultimate goals! If you don’t know who is she, a stylist, designer, and editor. She’s a fashion powerhouse and she’s amazing! 108 more words


6 Reasons to Stop Arriving Early

It seems absurd. It goes against your mother’s advice. If you want to get ahead you’ve got to get in early. I mean, what about the early bird catching the worm? 1,128 more words

Time Saving Advice

Bull is Drest Make Legitimate Business for American Halloween Barty

Hello. This is Bull dressing at you to make go at American-Style Halloween Barty when it time as being Halloween.

Today Bull late. Bull always on time because as Faery Bull, can make timey but Bull late anyway because have heard Legitimate Businessman always late, so late must be bart Bull’s costume. 94 more words

The Otherworlds

You Want Me To Wait How Long?

I’ve written about technology moving too fast and technology going too far on several occasions. Today, I want to attack from the other side. Maybe it’s the flank. 843 more words


September 9, 2015 -- GH, Down to Four & LA

What I Watched Today

(random, rambling thoughts on today’s TV)

General Hospital

Show of hands. How many people think Sonny is going to die? Me neither. 1,435 more words

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