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Movie review: Furious 7

What Movie: Furious 7. Or Fast and Furious 7. Or Fast & Furious 7. Furiosa 7?

Why I watched it: for mockery. I mean, come on, right? 2,080 more words


A Conspiracy to Create Them

The best way to maintain a rather tenuous grasp on power is to be proficient, and that’ll happen for Barack Obama as soon as he admits to being wrong about something.   863 more words

[Episode 85] Podcast News 11/22/15

Oh, It’s a Podcast presents…Podcast News. Vin Diesel, Robert Rodriguez, and what movies might look like in 100 years are just a few of the topics on this week’s Podcast News. 59 more words


Fast Prequels and Furious Spin-offs

You may have heard last week that there were talks of Universal preparing a cinematic universe for the Fast and Furious franchise, going beyond the main series and into complimentary films providing further stories to the world. 1,471 more words

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"Let Us Help With You With That Non-Problem": GOP Comes Up With A Non-Problem And We All Have To Drop Everything To Address It

It looks like Mitt Romney’s self-deportation immigration reform plan is working out better than anyone expected.

More Mexican immigrants have returned to Mexico from the U.S. 586 more words