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First Snowfall

This is the first real snowfall of the season and it’s still coming down. Yesterday I could pretend that winter was a thing that happened to other people but, alas, no longer! 229 more words


Fast Company Mark Zuckerberg Article

Fast Company, Harry Mccracken

Zuckerberg has earned the right to trust his gut. “At the beginning of Facebook, I didn’t have an idea of how this was going to be a good business,” he tells me.

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not all about India, yah

So being in India does not mean I need to be a relentless mission to see everything and go everywhere right? I’ve mentioned it before but something about India, and I can’t pinpoint it, does such great things for my soul and for my skin (and I’m not just referring to regularly using Fab India’s charcoal facemask/scrub!) It genuinely helps me to slow down and re-evaluate and prioritise. 763 more words


The Rainn Wilson Guide To Success | Fast Company | business + innovation

The Rainn Wilson Guide To Success The actor, Dwight Schrute creator, and SoulPancake maker’s memoir, The Bassoon King, is out today. Here he talks luck, God, and more. 11 more words

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Top 3 News Source to Follow on Twitter

Social Media can be a drag sometimes. The thought of logging into a bombarded world. A world stuffed with an overload of information, (some useless and other recycled) can be down putting, to say the least. 711 more words


7 Days of Wisdom (Episode 1)

7 Days of Wisdom is an original weekly video series presented by A Lovers Ambition Lifestyle Group and hosted by Aquaus Kelley. Our mission is to foster growth and create a community of success and significance. 171 more words