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Is your country ready for a catastrophe?

How ready is your country to face a massive change? Today’s needull looks at this critical aspect.

Stiles compares the experience of Haiti in 2010 with Chile, which experienced an 8.8-magnitude earthquake soon after.

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How to Become A 2018 World’s Most Innovative Company


Innovation is everywhere. So how do we cut through the clutter to name our annual Most Innovative Companies Top 50… 406 more words


How To Be A Genius In 6 Steps (Article)

Today is Monday! Power Monday is what I like to call it! In honor of power Monday is it only right to touch on methods that can be used to optimize our brain function. 898 more words

LinkedIn thinks it can help find that mentor you always wanted

Mentors can be an invaluable resources for career advancement, and younger workers often struggle to find them. LinkedIn thinks it can assist with a new service that draws on its… 366 more words

Movie Producer Brian Grazer Explains How Asking The Right Questions Will Make You A Better Boss

Story provided by Fast Company and written by Brian Grazer –

I don’t like to boss people around. I don’t get motivated by telling people what to do, I don’t take any pleasure in it. 1,650 more words