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Checking Out Amazon Go, The First No-Checkout Convenience Store

Every part of the U.S. has a different local term for a convenience store: the bodega, the corner store—even “the Wawa,” a chain name that Northeasteners use generically. 773 more words


Here’s How To Feel Like You’re On Vacation All Year


With the holidays fast approaching, many of us have vacation on the brain. But despite the well-known benefits of taking breaks… 1,093 more words

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Your Weird Job Titles Are Making You Miss The Best Candidates

by Lydia Dishman – Fast Company

Rebranding tired old job titles, so they seem fresh and exciting (read: appeal to new talent), has been happening for decades. 925 more words

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Way cool last minute Christmas gifts (thanks, Co.Design!)

I have loved Fast Company for at least 20 years. It’s sort of a “new economy” business magazine, but it’s actually more about ideas and people than it is about business, industry, or technology. 238 more words


Eataly USA C.E.O. Nicola Farinetti: for food retail to survive, it must be meaningful.

Nicola Farinetti’s father Oscar Farinetti founded Eataly in 2007, in Turin. Since then, this unique blend of food court, retail store and restaurant featuring Italy’s finest foods has spread across the globe. 118 more words


Four New AI Tools That Will Help You Be More Productive


Those worried that the rise of artificial intelligence means that robots will take their job might feel comforted by the fact that many AI tools are actually being designed not to replace humans, but to help them do their jobs better. 1,365 more words