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Self-Help in a Different Guise

I wrote this in my personal journal back in May and because it relates to online reading, thought it might be useful posted here.

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Reads of the Week: Racism, Reason and Vulnerability

Take a look at this week’s Reads of the Week: Great articles about the LGBTQ community, feminism, women and anything else worth reading.

  • “I am praying that Americans will get their shit together and stop fighting over the same old bones we’ve been trying to hide in the closet for over 400 years.
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Friday Fun - The Navigator That Beat GPS to Market by 30 Years

An interesting read for the end-of-week spirit: Thirty years ago, a company called Etak released the first commercially available computerized navigation system for automobiles. And they built the whole thing from scratch, including their own maps, data loaded via cassette tapes (no solid-state drives) and of course, no satellite guidance — and of course, no Internet. 11 more words


Dysfunctional People Can Be Contageous

Education, in most people’s minds is different to just any old ‘J-O-B’ in a company. Being responsible for the education of children is something fundamentally different to selling insurance or manufacturing widgets. 347 more words


How Shake Shack is Avoiding Chipotle's Mistakes

Making sure Shake Shack doesn’t run out of beef is a big part of Jeff Amoscato’s job. As VP of supply chain and menu innovation, he’s responsible for sourcing the company’s meat—along with its bacon, buns, pickled cherry peppers, and every other ingredient that goes into its offerings.

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You’ll Never Break Bad Habits Until You Answer This One Question From Gretchen Rubin

I heard a definition of the word habit that I hadn’t heard before, and it’s one that makes complete sense:

Habits are the invisible architecture of our every day lives.

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What Are The Habits Of Highly Emotional Intelligent People?

Rumor has it that people with high emotional intelligence tend to do better at work, life, and relationships. Personally, I always want to become a better person, so habits like these are truly intriguing to me. 104 more words