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Yoko Ono to be credited alongside John Lennon for writing 'Imagine'

Yoko Ono’s contribution to John Lennon’s signature song is being officially recognized.

At the annual meeting of the National Music Publishers Association on Wednesday, CEO David Israelite honored “Imagine” with the organization’s Centennial Song award and announced that Ono will receive a co-writing credit on the 1971 track, in accordance with her late husband’s wishes. 286 more words


Fast Facts: #12.) I'm Not Moving On

Okay, last installment of the behind-the-scenes look at Near Life Experiences with a look at the final track on the album, “I’m Not Moving On.” 321 more words

Fast Facts: #11.) We Sleep to Shake Hands with Death

In the penultimate installment of this behind-the-scenes endeavour, here are some facts about track 11: “We Sleep to Shake Hands with Death”

  • That intro/verse riff that you can barely hear because of all the heavy modulation and effects on it is actually another one that I wrote when I was in Middle School, and fairly new to the guitar.
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Fast Facts: #10.) Reckoning (AKA Conditional Anger)

Continuing the behind the scenes look at the album, here’s some stuff to know about the 10th track, Reckoning (AKA Conditional Anger):

  • If you can’t tell from the track, I got beef with god.
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Fast Facts: #9.) Amber

Continuing the behind the scenes look at Near Life Experiences, here are some tidbits about “Amber”:

  • As you see on the SoundCloud title, the original title was going to be “Amber (The ‘Nobody Wants to Hear Your 10 Minute Song’ Edit),” but when I was releasing with CDBaby I kinda figured that just like nobody wants to hear my ten minute song, nobody wants to see my snarky 11 word title.
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Fast Facts: #8.) Go Cry About It (AKA A Salute to the Guitarist's Massive Ego)

Continuing the behind the scenes look at Near Life Experiences, here are some fast facts about “Go Cry About It”:

  • This was originally supposed to be the only instrumental track on the album.
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Fast Facts: David Irving's suspension

Promising third year defensive lineman David Irving will reportedly miss the first four games of the season due to a positive PED test. 232 more words

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