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Type 2 Diabetes Diet for a Healthy Christmas

This Christmas you will have food placed before you. You will have to decide what to put on your plate. If you have Type 2 Diabetes, what can you eat while still maintaining your blood sugar at the correct level? 383 more words

Fast Facts - The Abu Dhabi GP

The championship is decided, the battle for glory is almost over. This weekend marks the final time the Formula One World Circus will gather with the current cars to race (although, there will be a post-race test). 624 more words

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Fast Facts: The Brazilian Grand Prix

The 2017 Formula One World Championship has been run and won and we have just two rounds remaining. It’s a great time for teams and drivers to throw off the shackles, race flat out and try and develop a few sneaky parts for the 2018 cars. 633 more words

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Fast Facts: The Mexico GP

After a week of tucking up early with a hot water bottle, a dose of Calpol and his favourite teddy, we’re pleased to say that @F1StatMan has sufficiently recovered from his flu to bring us this week’s edition of Fast Facts. 492 more words

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Fast Facts: The US Grand Prix

We’re sending huge get well wishes to our good friend @F1StatMan with this edition of Fast Facts. Whilst under the weather, he’s very kindly been able to pull together some rather tasty statistics and facts about the USGP. 638 more words

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Fast Facts: Magnesium

While present in only small amount in the body, magnesium is nonetheless one of the most important dietary micronutrients. In over 300 of the chemical reactions required to sustain life, it acts a co-factor – essentially a “helper molecule” that is needed for an enzyme to carry out its function. 790 more words

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