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Why We Can't Stop Being Creative

Am I just being paranoid, or does being “eco-friendly” run the risk of eliminating our quest for being original, creative designers? If this is the case, then I will quit the movement right here and now. 637 more words


Keeping pace in the “Fast Fashion” world

Fashion retail isn’t for the feint of heart.
As customers increasing do their shopping online, chains such as Danier Leathers, Tip Top Tailors, and American Apparel have all been forced to close their doors or filed for creditor protection in Canada. 66 more words

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XXI Forever- Fast Fashion Just Got Cheaper

If you have yet to hear, there is a new Forever 21 in town.  Yes that’s right.  The retailer that was reported struggling to pay their bills just a year ago is now opening 40 more locations of their new store prototype, F21 Red.   686 more words


By Debra Tan

Although we have had our suspicions about this, there wasn’t really a link; until now. An interesting piece of research on “ 1,419 more words

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Why Buy Local?

Why buy local Irish design?

What is the benefit? It will always inevitably end up costing more than purchasing from fast fashion or franchised stores. So why is it important? 432 more words


what a waste, literally.

Why is it, that we design and produce clothing on a large scale at extreme low quality? Why must we have such a quick turn around time which some fast fashion outlets bring out up to 52-micro seasons/collections per year? 347 more words


Workbook: Week 7.2

Refining our Topic of Interest

Sophia’s lecture notes:

Working with Clothing Manufacturing Pollution

We discussed our current ideas and progress with the tutors. We presented our research and proposed solutions, and were advised to pick a more specific direction within the topic of fashion and sustainability. 216 more words