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I Hate Fast Fashion

I’m going to be controversial and just say it. I hate fast fashion. Not because I’m a snob, I’m not. But because cheap clothes mean cheap fabric, poor craftsmanship and result in ill fitting garments that don’t even last the season. 547 more words


Conscious Fashion

With the prevelance of fast-fashion retail (or what my mother calls “disposable fashion”), it’s hard to imagine how fashion can contribute to social or environmental protection. 188 more words

B Corp

Welcome to Junk's Not Dead!

When it comes to old clothes, what do you do with them? Whether you wear them until they are practically falling apart, or throw them away when you spot the next season’s much better version, in reality, a ridiculous amount of clothing is heading to our landfill sites every year. 331 more words


Clothing & Consumerism : Is a better storyline possible ?

Something that truly astonishes me with us, humans, is how we truly believe to be disconnected from the web of life; how we believe to be completely separated from the rest of creation and do not realize how our actions impact the world around us. 2,023 more words


How To Avoid The Fast Fashion Industry On A College Student Budget

Recently, a well-established women’s clothing store, The Limited, has closed their in-store businesses after 54 years. Why? Because consumers are showing a preference for cheap, fast fashion retailers that can keep up with yearly trends. 1,418 more words

It's all Gucci Baby

This season I have seen a lot of fast fashion labels releasing collections that are on par with the current Gucci trend. It’s dominating the fashion scene at the moment and I loving it!   111 more words