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Time to quit.

This year have been characterized by quitting bad habits. It’s not part of any new year resolutions, does doesn’t tend to last that long either way. 497 more words


Understand The Sustainable Fashion Terminology

Sustainable or ethical fashion terminology can often be quite confusing. You check a website and they use a bunch of words that sound like it’s a good thing, but you are not actually sure what you are supporting there. 595 more words


Thrifting is my Cardio

Living on a waitress salary can be tricky when you’re lusting after Mansur Gavriel bucket bags and a pair of Celine sunglasses. Trying to stay fashionably fulfilled on a budget can be difficult. 725 more words


welcome to essa + ace

hello! welcome! i’m so happy you’re here!

allow me to tell you a little bit about this place. essa + ace is an idea child of mine that was born out of the vision of having powerful a female friendship like those so often depicted in hollywood and popular culture. 276 more words

Essa And Ace

Sustainable Fashion | Slowing Fast Fashion Down


The way that our society approaches clothing has changed drastically over the last 20-30 years. The days of the local shoemaker, dressmaker, milliner, and ‘Sunday Best’ have long been replaced by the buy-and-discard culture that came along with the phenomenon known as fast fashion, and the industry is now the second-most polluting in the world, after oil. 523 more words


Why you should avoid fast fashion

When you think of fast food, what do you think of? Do you think about the detrimental effects of the food on your body? Do you think of the underpaid workers? 290 more words


Thoughts on Fast Fashion

I wish I could say that I am wholeheartedly against fast fashion but that’s not necessarily the case. Rather, I am extremely conflicted on the matter. 591 more words