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Slow Fashion

I work in two of the biggest international trade industries that exist today. One of them is also the third most unsustainable industry in the world. 1,066 more words


Am I the only one...

…who thinks that clothes shops are super counterintuitive? 262 more words


Why the fashion industry is out of control

You can now buy a bikini for the same price as a cappuccino and in Tokyo, men can get suits from a vending machine. Has our obsession with fast fashion taken us into dangerous territory? 4,682 more words


Adventures In Upcycling

There are three things in this world I really hate. Denim, very tight clothing and builders bum. Put them all together and what have you got? 302 more words


I'm bored of my clothes

Since becoming a student at the University of Gloucestershire, a University with a long standing commitment to becoming as sustainable as possible, I have become more aware of global issues and therefore I have made a few changes to my life. 1,745 more words


Fast Fashion 101

The most recent post over here at karabemisyoga.com was a short, introductory, factual write up about the often overlooked dark truth of how our clothing is produced in our modern, globalized world. 699 more words


Late Night Thoughts: Fast Fashion

Bangladesh. April 24, 2013. Garment factory collapse mid-day. More than a thousand dead and over two thousand injured. Even more watching the building crumble with many innocent people trapped inside. 575 more words