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Fast Fashion, A Discussion

Fast fashion, it’s a topic that rattles round constantly at the moment, people defending and attacking it with equal gusto. It essentially boils down to informed choices and understanding your needs and the issues at stake. 499 more words


We need to talk...

Every movement begins with a single conversation thread… 277 more words


My Vintage Coat: Stories Behind our Clothes

Dad used to say that if the fashion industry depended on him “they would be out of business.”. He couldn’t understand why anyone would buy a new piece of garment when his/her closet was full of clothes in wearable condition. 724 more words

Parting Ways with Fast Fashion

A year ago my consumer identity was entrenched in the cult of discount shopping. Ironically, at that time, walking past any store that offered bargains would prove to be a losing battle for both my pocketbook and sanity. 1,396 more words

Say no to fast fashion +ethical shopping

Happy Wednesday,

Summer is coming to a close and I want to begin putting together my fall wardrobe, but where can I shop? I have been struggling with this for a few months now, sure I like the clothes at American Apparel and Forever 21 is always a cheap bet but I do not want to shop at major companies such as these. 850 more words


Things I've Learned From Sewing My Own Clothes

For those readers who are my real life/social media friends, you’ve no doubt noticed that I’ve picked up a new hobby. My Instagram has been flooded with pics of my burgeoning self-made wardrobe (sorry/you’re welcome). 1,641 more words


Fast Fashion Thoughts

I’ve been reading and watching a lot about fast fashion this past week so I thought I would give my two cents!

If you don’t know yet fast fashion is a phenomena in the fashion industry where pieces are rushed from the runway to the store. 509 more words