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True Cost

Would this movie (available on Netflix) stop you from buying a $10 shirt that wouldn’t last longer than a year? If it seems too good to be true, it is too good to be true. 12 more words



It is so precious to come across anything that makes you reflect. When something makes you think and feel like shit, it’s even more powerful. 376 more words

Reads + Thoughts

The Effects of Fast-Fashion on our Retail Industry

A recent Forbes article dissects the consequences of fast fashion retailers on the retail market. In a world where everyone strives for better, quicker, newer, cheaper, more efficient, and more innovative, we’re left with the scintillating question: why pay $350.00 for something we can get for $25.00? 305 more words


My Style Collective

Hi guys!

It’s been a while since I’ve posted something a little bit more casual and fun (god have you read those #personals posts?!).

Anyways, I really want to reconnect with my readers, as I’m glad to announce that I now have over 60 of you guys subscribed and over a hundred posts here in the little-blog-that-I-can’t-believe-could. 1,433 more words


Speed in fashion

Nowadays consumerism is now being defined into the category of fast fashion or slow fashion. Like food, there is a distinction, while both being about the same end result, one triumphs over another in the long run. 1,020 more words


What Every Person Who Wears Clothes Should Know

If you haven’t heard of this docu, I strongly encourage you to read about it, or if you have access to iTunes, download it or you can stream it on Netflix. 112 more words


Bomba fashion! Coleção da Lolitta para C&A

Hi guys,

Eu sei que to bem atrasada com os posts, mas eu estava viajando e onde estava não havia internet. Prometo não atrasar tanto assim de novo. 168 more words