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  • Faire ses achats dans les magasins de masse (comme Zara, Primark, Forever 21, et j’en passe…), car ils sous-traitent presque systématiquement avec des 
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Wise Wear

Why Your Cheap Clothes Are Like Fast Food

I was reading a blog recommendation on Love Your Clothes by Forte For Fashion called ‘It’s Ok To Wear The Same Thing Twice’. It saddens me that people genuinely think they should only wear something once before it’s wrong. 640 more words


Ethics isn't just for philosophers—designers need to take responsibility, too

A few years ago, I was doing PhD research and interviewing designers around the world to identify the limiting factors in designers integrating sustainability into their work. 1,042 more words

Stop , Drop , And Save $$

What’s up guys I’m back with the  promised  back to school series ( late on wordpress) This is part one to a three- part series where I will divulge all my back to school secrets and tips for college students and those that just want to be in style and on point this school semester. 511 more words

Pace University

Why Sustainable Fashion Ends Up Saving You Money In The Long Run

I have often had people ask how ethical/sustainable fashion benefits them in a monetary sense.

While I find this question to be incredibly unimportant – given what conditions workers are forced to work in across seas and the irreparable damage we are doing to the environment – I still have an answer prepared that will prompt you to think about the benefits of ethical fashion. 879 more words


Most – if not all– of our wardrobe comes from sweatshops. We all know this, but why are we still ok with it? Should we be ok with it? 593 more words

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Repair over replace

This past week saw the announcement that the Swedish government will be introducing tax breaks for repairs on products.This great initiative will encourage repairs on everything from bicycles to white goods, as well as clothing and shoes. 155 more words