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Be The Change

Feature image: By Sharime, taken at Bali’s Tegalalang rice terrace in Ubud.

When I started becoming more aware of the issues with the current fashion cycle and the… 4,008 more words


Will Hearing From Garment Workers Finally Change Fast Fashion?

When I think of my great-grandmother in Japan, the first thing that comes to mind is the perfectly matched shirt and pant sets she wore. A survivor of both World Wars, she sewed her own garments out of necessity. 918 more words


The Concept of Stylistic Identity

Most brands follow the same trends but eventually they look different as they interpret trends through their own vision and style.

Stylistic identity is made up of some aesthetic elements including: 434 more words


Black Friday Rings Up the Financial Costs of Fast Fashion

Investors should account for raw materials sourcing and resource constraints in their investment decision-making.

Black Friday has become almost as popular as Thanksgiving Day itself. Each year, retailers open their doors earlier. 726 more words


Background & Goal

What is fast fashion?

  • Designs move from catwalk quickly and capture current fashion trends
  • Optimize certain aspects of supply chain to be designed and manufactured quickly and inexpensively…
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Fast Fashion

French Style is Ethical Style

French style.

Those two words may seem played out. Everyone has had a French style obsession at least once in their life, right?

Well, I am currently in mine, and the influence of this aesthetic has helped me build my own personal style. 223 more words


Not Buying Any Clothes...

I have for the past year not been buying any clothes at all. Not that I was a major shopaholic before, but I am slowly but surely going to run out of good clothes to wear. 663 more words