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Slow Fashion

Fashion has changed so much since I rolled out that first SS85 collection of bright orange jumpsuits and yellow sundresses. Not in and of itself, but in the way it is marketed, delivered and consumed. 361 more words


Walmart Canada ignores the high cost of fast fashion

A troubling advertisement showed up on my Twitter feed this morning. It’s back-to-school time, and retailers are targeting parents (and children) with ads telling them what they must have to be prepared for a new school year. 715 more words

Child Labor

What is your personality style?

Hello ALL! It’s been awhile but I’m happy to be back for good!

What you can expect from me this go round is more of my personality and how you can achieve your very own personal style. 258 more words


Recycled swimwear is a hot new trend

The fashion industry has been criticized for how it produces clothing quickly and cheaply. And the category of swimwear is no different — tags in bathing suits typically say “made in China,” or Thailand, or Vietnam — countries known for using sweatshop labor. 543 more words


psst: old navy is 40% off until 8/31

I can’t resist a good deal. Especially when I conveniently ripped my jeans on Friday (whoops). That’s what happens when you think you can run and jump like a kid. 32 more words

Get Thrifty

Netflix Documentary Round-Up

Tallahassee graced us with an unseasonably cool week – I drove to work with windows down at 69 degrees. Something about the promise of Fall gets me in cozy-mode. 609 more words


'Britain's Spending Secrets' - totally worth a watch

This is really not a post I thought I’d ever be writing, but here goes – I’m about to recommend a documentary in which Anne Robinson is the star. 243 more words

Ethical Fashion