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How Cruel is My Wardrobe? (OOTD #3)

Hello my lovelies!

After a lot of deep breathing recently and feeling stressed for absolutely no reason, today is my day to give ‘sorting things out’ a solid go. 751 more words

Summer Series: Luxury VS Fast Fashion

Ok guys, so obviously my blog is “Fashion on a Budget”, but I am going to start talking a little about luxury fashion brands.

I want to start a series. 134 more words

Uncovering The Secrets Behind Fashion Sizing

Ready-to-made fashion sizes seem to baffle us all. We are frustrated when shopping for fashion and no wonder as we have to juggle between different sizes, as one doesn’t always seem to be the perfect one for us. 743 more words


transitioning to ethical fashion/everlane

The other day I watched the documentary “The True Cost,” which talks about the ethics behind the global fashion industry and the environmental consequences, which inspired me to write my first post dedicated to this topic where I focused more on the psychology behind shopping and how we got to where we are now. 1,243 more words


Closet Ritardando

In my earlier post, I discussed why it’s important for all of us to move away from fast fashion. But we all still want to be beautiful and look polished. 983 more words


Six Reasons to Abandon Fast Fashion

When we look at the labels on our clothing, we are used to seeing “Made in China/Vietnam/India/Philippines.” It is easy to not think about; nearly everything we buy these days is made somewhere else, so why would fashion be different? 540 more words


School House Rock

Elementary school paint colors and the most fun way to style a dress

One of my fashion icons consistently preaches that the only way to wear a dress is over pants. 128 more words

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