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'Fast Solutions For a Brighter Future - Rapid Prototyping Entrepreneurship' by Tom Chi (TED Talk)

Funding. Organizing. Designing. Negotiating. One may think these must necessarily take weeks, months or even years for a person with a need or a dream. Tom Chi amply proves that rapid prototyping may be the key to true innovation for those who most in need of it.



Computer Repair in Barrie Ontario: A Guide to Share with your Friends

Fast Solution is a computer services company that services Barrie Ontario as well as the surrounding areas.  So why would we put out a how-to guide to protect yourself from threats if that is exactly how we make money?   594 more words

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A happier Easter for a Fast Solution customer

Fast Solution is hopefully known in Barrie as a great provider of I.T service, affordable but superior computer sales, and all around good guys to deal with.   524 more words

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A recommendation above and beyond

Fast Solution, and therefore myself, might have had the best week yet of our four plus year existence, last week.  It started with a startled caller, which might not sound too good, but hopefully once you read on you will agree with me. 459 more words

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So you married an entrepreneur!

Lately I have had my eyes opened to an issue that hits some of us entrepreneurs where it hurts the most…at home.  To back up a little, I should say that I am pretty fortunate because I am married to someone who gets it.   528 more words

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Why Bill C-30 must die

I have to admit that I usually steer clear of blogging about the two “no-nos” that people should never blog about…religion and politics.  In fact the only time I ever mention either is to strengthen my view that you are entitled to your opinion in either arena.   603 more words

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Trusting your tech begins at home

One of the most familiar questions I get is “is it better to bring my computer in to the shop or have a technician perform… 613 more words

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