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Green Scallion Pancake

Hey guys.

Dusting off the blog and posting because I haven’t posted in way too long, I miss cooking and sharing, and these scallion pancakes are just so dang good. 514 more words


Cabbage wedges

So I’m not the biggest fan of cabbage. But I let the kidlet pick out fruit and vegetables at the supermarket. And Kidlet wanted a purple cabbage so we did the whole buy now figure out what to do with it later thing. 177 more words


How to Sell Your House for Fast Cash in Houston

There are times when it is imperative to liquidate real estate quickly. It might be a job relocation, moving an aging parent into a care home or dealing with a financial hardship or family death.  47 more words

Understanding Fast R-CNN

Called Fast R-CNN because it’s comparatively fast to train and test.

Why Fast R-CNN?

Even though R-CNN had achieved state of the art performance on object detection it had many problems:

1,113 more words
Deep Learning

Fast and Slow Shutter Speed

Slow Shutter Speed



For this photos I really had a few other ideas about what I wanted to do but I ended up doing this one of a ball bouncing.I decided to do this at my school of where I was able to get good lighting.I took this photo of about a shutter speed of 1/150 which made this photo turn photo turn out really cool.I really think that slow shutter speed is a cool way to take pictures and the end effect of how they turn out is really cool. 129 more words

Taking A Break From The News, Blogs and Commentary on Life

This past week, I have found myself taking time to first read the scriptures and pray first before I even think of turning the TV on or looking through social media sites. 512 more words

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