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Vegan South American Popcorn

Last year my friends gave me a great gift for my birthday. They got me tickets to a “around the world culinary trip”. It sounds fancier than it actually was, although I also do not want to make it sound lame, as it was a wonderful gift and an eye opening experience. 280 more words


How to eat strawberrys

This life hack will teach you how to eat and waste only very little of a strawberry. The things you will need is a straw and obviously a strawberry, If you get the straw and shove it into the bottom of the berry and push it all the way through an out of the top it will leave a clean hole through the middle and take the leaves off the top. 32 more words


A New Health Adventure

So, my youngest daughter and I are embarking on a juice fast.  We are aiming for 10 days.  If, at the end of 10 days, we feel better, we will shoot for a longer goal.   171 more words

Up and down (little joy #2)

Today i went to a fair, there were some amusement park’s rides, i’m not really brave expecially with height, but i went anyway. It was nice forget for once of problems and feel only the trhrill of go down and up really fast. 8 more words


How To Become Slim - Lose Weight Fast Without Exercise Eating Good Carbs Review

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Why are we talking about Easter now?

Wait!  It’s already time to prepare for Easter? Isn’t Easter still months away? Yes, but Lent starts soon. Something I’ve been mulling over for a while. 693 more words


fast and furious

I was fast tonight but not furious, it just makes a great title. Tonight I ran my fastest 5 km ever. Feeling pretty happy with that after such a slow week. 203 more words

Daily Run