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1:49PM // unworthy future

I b/ped three times today. I don’t see an end to this bulimia. I started a new fast at 1PM and am aiming for 24 hours at least. 150 more words


Rebounds – Day 11

Successful day! Heavy Deadlift workout with some strong lifts, at 19 hours fasted. I had some cake for my son’s birthday, a very generous helping or two. 230 more words


Miniature Cheese Ball Appetizers - 3 ways (dill, cherries & pecans)

Time: 20 minutes

I love to make recipes “my way” – just a pinch or two of certain ingredients to classic recipes to make it our way. 247 more words


Honey Citrus BBQ Salmon

Time: 25 minutes

Music Selection: Mary Hopkin – Those Were the Days

I haven’t heard this song in many years, but lately I have been thinking more and more about family traditions and the times we spent with those no longer with us. 220 more words


Takeaways from fasting social media for Lent

Happy Easter Monday!

This Lent I was fasting social media and ended up with some interesting take aways. It was a last minute decision because I generally think that I have a good relationship with social media platforms and the impact they have on my view of my self, which is the common reason to fast or quit them. 466 more words

Julius "Dudzki" Bustillo

Name: Julius Bustillo
Nationality: 🇵🇭 Filipino
Location: 🇹🇭 Bangkok, Thailand

Callsign: Dudzki
Role: Rifleman / Sniper
Team: Foreign Airsoft Shooters Thailand

Milsim or Speedsoft?: Milsim… 1,051 more words


Lemon Parmesan Baked Fish

Time: 35 minutes

The railways system in Canada was such a big part of our history and development. Whenever I see a train going through the mountains or hear its whistle, I get a nostalgic feeling… So today when typing up this recipe, which is a comfort food for us, this song, form my childhood, came to mind. 180 more words