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5 go to meals

So, lets be honest…. we all want to create perfect meals every day and have fantastic, healthy meals for our families. And as a stay at home mom, It is kind of my job to make sure that my family eats 3 square meals a day…. 558 more words


5 Ways to Seek God More

Hey everyone!

So if you’re anything like me (Christian, seeking out purpose and how to be closer to God), you know that sometimes it can be a struggle to make time for “digging deep” in the presence of God and learning more of Him. 680 more words


Speedy dorm room microwave spaghetti

I felt that it was appropriate to begin this blog with the first microwave recipe that I mastered. Spaghetti is one of my absolute favorite dishes, but the process of having to carry multiple pots down to the kitchen didn’t sound all that appetizing. 309 more words


My adventure of a 36 hour fast

Our 36 hour fast

Hello beautiful people! How are we all?

If you follow my instagram you’ll have seen on Sunday/Monday’s stories that El and I decided to try out a fast after our two week indulgence on holiday. 654 more words


Journal Entry: Saturday & Tuesday, February 25 & 28, 2017

Saturday, February 25, 2017

(258.5, 261.0, 259.5, 259.5)

Holy Spirit, please help me grow in and develop a deep, pure, and Holy Love for You, for Holy Father, and for Holy LORD Jesus. 162 more words

My Journey

Increased Intimacy with Jesus

To reap the spiritual and emotional benefits of increased intimacy with Jesus, fast and pray.

I am fasting and praying once a week now because time is precious and greater intimacy with Jesus is just that amazing. 90 more words