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forward the fast

why games gotta be played

if its all about what you want

and how you want it

why it gonna be like that

and acting all afraid… 50 more words


fast the forward


and well as its own circle

and leaping

as its own making

and well intended

as its own part

and excite

as its own thrive… 53 more words


Blanc T & Gathered Shoulder Hack

I like to break up finicky projects with some simple ones, so now that I’ve done 2 button ups, it’s great timing for a Blanc T… 215 more words


Holding Fast to Fasting

I was asked by a friend to fast a few weeks ago and honestly, it was one of the hardest, yet best, things I have ever done. 916 more words

Fried Green Tomatoes

Even though I grew up in the South, I never had these as a child. I didn’t have them until I started gardening and had a lot green tomatoes that I needed to think of a way to use. 115 more words


Top 5 Fast cars

Before starting our main topic let me tell you one of the most surprising news which gives me chills in the body is that Bugatti Chiron 2017 has just claimed to be the fastest car. 554 more words


Egg Drop Soup: #3 of Soup Month

My girls and I love Egg Drop Soup! We get it every time we go to a Chinese restaurant. It isn’t necessarily my husband’s favorite thing but he doesn’t dislike it.   274 more words