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Time in town

Time is really passing by so quickly that I feel is it just me or for many people..

Do you think it’s an effect of own mentality or from an environment of the city? 180 more words


RECIPE | Eggless Brownie


Hello, everyone. So, here it is. Blog post #1. I decided to start off with the recipe of something nice and sweet. And what could be better than brownies? 710 more words


Quinoa Salad with Dill Vinaigrette

Jim has always said that he really didn’t care for Quinoa.  Didn’t like the texture of it.  Didn’t want to eat it.  Now we have been married for a long time.  88 more words


Spanish Tortilla 

Sunday brunch is quickly becoming a time to gather friends and family, and I love it. Not that I don’t like dinners and barbecues, but who doesn’t want another excuse to have breakfast food? 447 more words


Pepperoni Pizza {For Those on the GO}

Do you ever have day where you have been working all week,  you left at 6AM, you get home at 6PM and the last thing you want to do is make dinner? 570 more words