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It’s all about anything that goes fast or looks good.  I will be featuring anything that I come across and was able to talk to the owner.


Quick lunch with the kids

I am still starving. Somehow I have only had 400cal today total. Normally I would add in bread or nuts with lunch, but I only have pistachios and almonds on hand. 151 more words

October 7th, Year of the Vampires

Irritation and lightheadedness are a constant. However, I am getting used to this. I debate whether or not I should give up the fast, since it hasn’t served me at all. 186 more words


Tattoos in Lent

I’m getting a tattoo for Lent.

I have successfully made it 35 years without getting a tattoo for a few reasons: fear of my mother’s wrath, the inability to commit to one word or image for 60+ years, and let’s face it- I did not want to see permanent ink stretch & wrinkle on my body! 329 more words

Keeping It Sweet This Valentines Day

Oh my goodness, my kids love Valentines Day!  We have so many fun traditions but the two kids enjoy most are their Valentines Mailboxes and our traditional Valentines Dinner.   372 more words

Kernel Compilation in Jiffies

I do compile Kernel couple of times a day. Most of times it’s just few minutes on my Power8 box, which is pretty fast. Given that make command is smart enough to figure out the changes made to the kernel sources and just re-compile the units/targets based on the timestamp, the re-compilation time reduced to quite a bit from the initial fresh compile of the kernel, based on how many files and their dependent target/object are dependent on the changesets/patch. 545 more words